Best Compact Circular Saw [2023 Review]

Working on your woodworking projects using a full-size circular saw can be tedious, especially if you are a DIY enthusiast that frequently handles a lot of small tasks in your home. That is where the best compact circular saw comes in handy as they are flexible and compact. Our Top Compact Circular Saw Reviews Compact … Read more

Festool Kapex KS 120 EB review

A generously adjustable work table allows mitre cuts to the right up to 60° and to the left up to 50°. Very good cutting values of 88 mm depth and 305 mm width already offer many possibilities. But that is not all – thanks to the special cross-cut position, workpieces such as strips can be … Read more

Makita 4350 FCT Review

This professional Makita 4350 FCT jigsaw is ideal for sawing bends or corners. Furthermore, this jigsaw does not turn its proverbial hand for wood, metal, PVC and so on. In this review we will further investigate the pros and cons of this Makita jigsaw. Features of Makita 4350FCT Pros and Cons of Makita 4350 FCT … Read more

Makita JR3050T Review

The Makita JR3050T is a nice reciprocating saw from Makita with different functions and possibilities. For example, the saw has an exceptionally long cord of 4 metres and a cutting stroke length of 28 mm, power of 1,010 watts and a variable speed. Makita JR3050T in detail: The Makita JR3050T took second place in our … Read more

Makita UC4051A Review

The Makita UC4051A is our comparison test winner in the electric chain saw category and is ideal for garden and fireplace owners & do-it-yourselfers. The Makita convinces with a first-class equipment and a high performance. With it you can easily handle more demanding tasks, such as sawing large quantities of firewood. With the included accessories … Read more

Makita LS1018L Review

This Makita LS1018L crosscut saw is one of the best crosscut saws available. The Makita is also reasonably affordable for a do-it-yourselfer who has a regular job. The saw has a large saw blade and various auxiliary and safety systems. The Makita Crosscut Saw is a mitre saw for cutting planks, beams, tubes, pipes, etc. … Read more

Hitachi CS33EB Review

Hitachi CS33EB is a Chainsaw with vertical cylinder rear handle ans is driven by a petrol engine. The saw has a sword length of 30 cm, a weight of 3.8 kg and is equipped with ergonomic soft-grip handles and has a good balance. Adjustable automatic lubrication, primer, eco-friendly “New Pure Fire” engine, safety hand guard, … Read more

Hitachi CJ90VST Review

The Hitachi CJ90VST jigsaw is a beautiful jigsaw with a soft price. The saw has an output of 705 watts, can cut up to 90 mm deep, has 3 pendulum positions, has a soft grip handle for long comfortable working and the saw blade is easy to replace without tools. The Hitachi CJ90VAST(WA) jigsaw is … Read more


DeWALT DW304PK-QS SCREAM MACHINE with electronic speed control. Reciprocating Saw with 29 mm cutting stroke length. Capacity in wood/tube/PVC: 280/100/130 mm. Power consumption 1050Watt, power output is 525Watt. No load speed 0 – 2800 per minute. Weight 3.5 kg In sturdy carrying case with 2 bi-metal saw blades, keyless saw blade clamping system. Why DeWALT … Read more

Makita 5704RK Circular Saw Review

The Makita 5704RK is a 1,200 watt handheld circular saw. The saw has a diameter saw blade of 190 mm, so you can saw up to 66 mm deep, you have the possibility of dust extraction, you have little vibration during sawing and the machine is also the quietest in the class of saws with … Read more

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