Makita 4350 FCT Review

This professional Makita 4350 FCT jigsaw is ideal for sawing bends or corners. Furthermore, this jigsaw does not turn its proverbial hand for wood, metal, PVC and so on. In this review we will further investigate the pros and cons of this Makita jigsaw.

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Features of Makita 4350FCT

  • The jigsaw with bow handle for professional use.
  • With built-in lighting for an optimum view of the saw line.
  • Precise cutting results due to unique square saw shaft which prevents the saw from rotating.
  • Clean cutting line due to patented cooling air ducts that blow sawdust away.
  • Anti Vibration Technology: vibrations are absorbed by counterweight in the drive.
  • Quick and easy saw change without tools.

Pros and Cons of Makita 4350 FCT


Why buy this premium machine and not another one? The advantages.

3 years warranty
A premium brand comes with a premium guarantee. That’s why this Makita 4350 FCTJ comes with a 3-year warranty on your machine and 2 years on your battery. You might pay a little more for the machine, but then you get a machine that cuts well, you have a good warranty, you can see and feel that it is a good and fine machine.

Powerful, cuts deep, cuts straight
With 720 watts you’ll never run out of power. With all that power, the machine reaches no less than 2,800 strokes per minute. The machine cuts power and a lot, but also deep. 135 mm. That’s 13.5 cm deep (in wood).

Due to a new system where a unique square saw axis is used, the saw does not rotate. This ensures a precise sawing result.

For daily use
This jigsaw is not only suitable for the do-it-yourselfer but also for the daily handyman. Makita claims that the machine is suitable for daily intensive use. They know that for sure, because as I mentioned before, you get three years warranty with your purchase.

Suction and blowing function/lamp
The Makita 4350 FCTJ is, as I said, very powerful, metal that beats per minute releases a lot of sawdust and dust. That dust and sawdust normally comes on the workpiece you’re sawing, then you don’t see the line anymore and then you start sawing next to the line. Of course that is not possible.

That’s why Makita has come up with two options. Either the sawdust is blown away, or it is sucked up. If you prefer it to be sucked up, you can connect a vacuum cleaner hose on the side/rear side. If you do not have a vacuum cleaner, or if you find it difficult that the hose gets in the way, you can turn on the blow function. The sawdust will then be blown away forwards.

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In combination with the LED lighting placed in front, you always have a view of the workpiece.

Speed adjustable
The speed of this Makita jigsaw is adjustable. Sawing always results in friction. Friction creates heat. If you are sawing PVC or metal, it is not always convenient for the machine to cut at full speed. This can cause a lot of friction and the saw can become hot. When PVC gets hot it melts and when metal gets hot it can bend. So you don’t want that. You can adjust the RPM on the machine, so the saw doesn’t get less hot.

Low vibration
The time when a jigsaw was difficult to control is over. Nowadays, most of the vibrations caused are absorbed by counterweight in the drive unit.

Already very complete as standard
It looks like I’m talking about a new car, but I mean: with some brands/models you have a cheap jigsaw, but then you have to buy a suitcase yourself if you want it (always handy to store it), buy saw blades yourself etcetera. This saw comes with 6 saw blades as standard.

Simple saw change
This Makita 4350 FCT, like many other jigsaws, has a tool-free saw change. A single movement of a lever is enough, the saw blade falls out and you can place another one.

Mitre saws possible
You can adjust the foot of the jigsaw so that you can saw between 90° and 45°.


Does this machine have any disadvantages? Or is it all roses and moonshine?

Well, almost.

The machine has a lot of options and possibilities. I suspect that Makita’s team looked at the disadvantages of the Makita 4350T and thought, we are going to make exactly the same machine, only without those disadvantages.

Some buyers thought the machine had just a bit too little power, then they give it 720 watts instead of 580. Some people found it difficult that the machine didn’t have a rev limiter, this one does. Some people found it difficult that the machine didn’t have a rpm limiter, this model does. All these things cost a bit, though. For €33 more you have a machine without disadvantages. Your choice.

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Testimonial for Makita 4350 FCT from real users:

Well, they’re good about this saw.

On there are (no less than) 83 reviews. Of these, 4 reviews are critical, the other 79 reviews are positive. On average this product has 4.7 out of 5 stars.

What exactly do people say?

  • Very handy that the saw blades can be replaced so easily.
  • Very stable, very little vibration when used.
  • Ideal for blowing away the dust.
  • Tasty fine ergonomic handle.
  • Powerful machine.
  • Professional quality.
  • Effortless line following.

All positive, are there any critical things?

The case that comes with it has 4 points to close, cumbersome…
No laser (but not disturbing).

On Amazon are some reviews that say that the machine pulls a little to the left, I found that in 4 of the 83 reviews…


Thank you for reading my review on Makita 4350 FCT. I Hope you liked my review. After reviewing the brief description of Makita 4350fct vs jv0600k above; Both the saw blades, Makita 4350fct and Makita jv0600k have the same usage. However, the Makita 4350fct is suitable for all types of material cutting, while the Makita jv0600k only cuts plastic and metal, but offers you more functions.

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