Best Jigsaw Under $100 [2022 Review]

If you’re taking on a new DIY project or want to fill out your collection of tools, a Jigsaw can be a great addition. Jigsaws are excellent tools for working with most materials, including wood and metal. They can cut irregular curves, making them useful for stenciled designs or unique projects. However, with so many … Read more

Makita 4350 FCT Review

This professional Makita 4350 FCT jigsaw is ideal for sawing bends or corners. Furthermore, this jigsaw does not turn its proverbial hand for wood, metal, PVC and so on. In this review we will further investigate the pros and cons of this Makita jigsaw. Features of Makita 4350FCT Pros and Cons of Makita 4350 FCT … Read more

Hitachi CJ90VST Review

The Hitachi CJ90VST jigsaw is a beautiful jigsaw with a soft price. The saw has an output of 705 watts, can cut up to 90 mm deep, has 3 pendulum positions, has a soft grip handle for long comfortable working and the saw blade is easy to replace without tools. The Hitachi CJ90VAST(WA) jigsaw is … Read more

Makita JV0600K Review

The Makita JV0600K is a versatile jigsaw from Makita. The saw has surprising cutting performance for an entry-level model. The saw is lightweight, has three pendulum positions, variable electric speed control and you can use it for mitre cuts. What does the Makita JV0600K do? With a Makita JV0600K jigsaw you can saw straight as … Read more

Reciprocating Saw vs Jigsaw

A reciprocating saw is a powerful tool that will help you with demolition. While a jigsaw is a tool that’s easier to handle and mainly used for fine crafts. In this article, we’re going to explore the uses and features of a reciprocating saw vs jigsaw. Reciprocating Saw A reciprocating saw is a remodeling tool, … Read more

Porter Cable PCE345 Jigsaw Review

A jigsaw is an essential tool in your shop or home. It’s a fine woodworking tool, hacksaw, and construction saw combined into one device. Jigsaws can create beveled or straight cuts and can complete tasks that are almost impossible to complete by hand. This jigsaw review will help you get a greater understanding of the … Read more

Dewalt DCS331B Jigsaw Review

Makita LS1019L

You need a cordless jigsaw around the house to complete around the house DIY tasks. The  is a great addition to your tool shed because of its durability, functionality, and controllable cutting speed. This guide will review the pros, cons, and tips on how to use this jigsaw. With the right amount of practice, it … Read more

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