Hitachi CJ90VST Review

The Hitachi CJ90VST jigsaw is a beautiful jigsaw with a soft price. The saw has an output of 705 watts, can cut up to 90 mm deep, has 3 pendulum positions, has a soft grip handle for long comfortable working and the saw blade is easy to replace without tools.

The Hitachi CJ90VAST(WA) jigsaw is suitable for light professional work. The jigsaw is a light compact machine, only 2.2 kg, and is equipped with a soft grip handle. The machine has a strong aluminium base and has a variable speed.
Thanks to the Hitachi ”Power Lock System” you can easily change the saw blade quickly without tools. In addition, the jigsaw is equipped with 3 positions adjustable pendulum stroke.

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What is the Hitachi CJ90VST suitable for?

The jigsaw is used to cut straight lines and shapes. The Hitachi CJ90VST(WA) jigsaw is suitable for light work and is used for smaller sawing work in wood, various metals and plastics etc. And for sawing curved lines and shapes in sheet metal.

The main specifications of the Hitachi CJ90VST(WA)

  • Capacity in wood 90 mm
  • Capacity in steel 8 mm
  • Smallest radius 25 mm
  • In mitre 45°
  • Power consumption 705 W
  • Number of sawing movements unloaded 850 – 3,000/min.
  • Stroke length 20 mm
  • L x W x H 228 x 66 x 202 mm
  • Weight 2.2 kg

What’s in the package?

  • Hitachi CJ90VST(WA)
  • Saw blade
  • Key
  • Plastic suitcase
  • Manual Book
  • 3 years warranty via registration on the website
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Pros and Cons of Hitachi CJ90VST:


What exactly are the advantages of this saw?

This Hitachi jigsaw has a power of no less than 705 watts. That is more than enough for the most common sawing jobs. The specified capacity in wood is 90 mm and in metal it is 8 mm.

Variable speed
The speed of this jigsaw, as shown in the video, can be set by a rotary knob on the front of the machine. This is very handy and can be used at the start. It is also useful when you need to cut material which should not be cut at full speed due to heating of the material. In addition, in some cases you just work more precisely if it’s all a bit slower.

Simple saw change

I always used to hate change the saw blade on a jigsaw. You often had to use a long screwdriver at the top of the machine to hold the saw blade straight and then tighten it. Fortunately, that’s a thing of the past. This Hitachi jigsaw is equipped with the Power Lock system. This is a system that makes it easy to change saws. You can easily push the saw blade into the holder and the saw blade is locked in place. To remove the saw blade, push a lever around and the saw blade is removed.

Softgrip handle
The Hitachi CJ90VST is equipped with a soft grip handle. This gives you maximum grip on the machine at all times. This allows you to work comfortably for a long time and is also a lot safer.

3 pendulum positions
The machine can be set to three different pendulum positions. With pendulum movements, the saw blade not only moves up and down, but also forwards and backwards. These pendulum movements have a number of advantages, such as the sawdust being unloaded. This makes it possible to cut faster. In addition, the saw blade does not come into contact with the wood during a pendulum movement downwards, which means that the saw blade will last longer. Finally, less pressure is needed and you can therefore focus on steering the saw.

Mitre sawing possible
With this Hitachi CJ90VST it is possible to saw in mitre. For this you need to unscrew an Allen bolt. For this you need an Allen wrench. This is supplied and is located in the base of the jigsaw. In this way you will not forget the Allen key and you will always have it with you.

Suitcase included
Not only will you get the machine itself when you buy it, you will also get a plastic case. In this case you can store the machine when you are not using it. This way the machine will be less likely to be damaged. This is also very handy if you want to take the machine somewhere with you.

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Those were the advantages, does the machine have any less sides?

Only one saw blade included
This machine comes with a case, but there’s only one saw blade in it. This saw blade is suitable for wood, so if you want to saw other material or if this saw blade is worn out, you will have to order a set of saw blades separately. ( often has combination offers where you get a discount if you order a set of saw blades!)

No blow and suction function
This machine has no options or solutions for all the dust and sawdust that is always released during sawing. There is therefore no possibility of dust extraction with a (construction) vacuum cleaner. In addition, competing models often have a function that blows out all the dust and sawdust in front of the machine so that you have a good view of the workpiece and where you need to saw, unfortunately the machine does not have that either.

No laser or other function to see where you need to cut.
This machine doesn’t have a laser. With a laser you can clearly see where you need to saw. In principle, it is not so bad that there is no laser present, the models of Bosch, for example, do not have that either, but they do have CutControl, a transparent image that shows you where you need to saw. This machine lacks any kind of functions that allow you to see where you need to cut.

No lamp
If you ever want to saw in a dark corner you have a problem with this machine. There is no (LED) lamp present to light the workpiece at the place where you are sawing.

Problems with straightening
Several user reviews indicate that the footplate is difficult to set at right angles to the saw. Furthermore, some people indicate that the saw edges were skewed.

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Real user testimonial on Hitachi CJ90VST:

What do people who have already (used) the machine say?

Our users who bought from gave us their reviews. These people indicate that the power is more than sufficient and that the tool is easy to saw. Furthermore, the grip is great. They also indicate that the machine lies comfortably in the hand. In a reaction to a review, however, it is indicated that the person had a problem with putting the footplate at right angles.

On, the machine is rated 4.3 out of 5 stars. 78% gives 4 or 5 stars. 22% gives 1 or 2 stars.

The rating is given for:

  • Variable speed is handy!
  • Good grip.
  • Saw blade replacement is sometimes difficult.
  • I can’t get the saw at 90° to the foot.
  • Convenient to use.
  • Good value for money.
  • Good machine.
  • Too bad there is only one saw blade included.


There is a different reaction to the machine. The fact that several people have problems with the saw change and straightening of the saw blade makes me a bit reluctant to buy the machine. However, other assessors indicate that they have no problems with the saw change or straightening. Furthermore, the machine is very sparsely equipped, a blowing or extraction function is very useful to make your sawing range free of dust and sawdust. Furthermore, it is difficult to see where you have gone because there is no laser or system present which shows you where to cut.

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