Hitachi CS33EB Review

Hitachi CS33EB is a Chainsaw with vertical cylinder rear handle ans is driven by a petrol engine. The saw has a sword length of 30 cm, a weight of 3.8 kg and is equipped with ergonomic soft-grip handles and has a good balance.

Adjustable automatic lubrication, primer, eco-friendly “New Pure Fire” engine, safety hand guard, electronic ignition, crampon. The “PureFire” engine produces up to 70% less emissions, consumes up to 40% less fuel and reduces C02 emissions by more than 50%. The new Hitachi engine is environmentally friendly and suitable for extended use.

This chainsaw is particularly suitable for sizing and cutting chimney wood. Perfect for small pruning jobs with a ground operator. In addition to these advantages, the new features of this series include increased efficiency due to increased rpm and an amazing chain lubrication system that makes the oil flow to the bar in relation to engine rpm.

On this model there is a new structure with wide ventilation that allows maximum ventilation of the engine and higher structural strength; it also gives the chainsaw a particularly aggressive design and pleasant to the operator’s eyes.

HSP machine
This chainsaw comes from the HSP series of Hitachi. That stands for: Hitachi Semi Professional machines. These are machines with almost the same quality as the top models, but nicely priced. The quality of the HSP machines will not be as good as the top models, but you can see that in the price and the price-quality ratio is therefore very good.

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Product features

  • New Pure Fire Engine
  • Lateral tensioning of the chain saw
  • Ergonomic handles ensure comfort and safety at work
  • Double Brake Support
  • Easy access to the air filter
  • Large fuel tank

Technical data

  • Engine power (kW,KM) 1.25/1.70
  • 2-stroke engine oil (Hitachi 2T) 50:1 ratio
  • Fuel – regular unleaded gasoline
  • Tank capacity – oil (L) 0,19
  • Tank capacity – petrol (L) 0,4
  • 2-stroke engine (cm³) 32.3
  • Weight 3.8 kg

Pros and Cons of Hitachi CS33EB:


What exactly are the advantages of this Hitachi chainsaw over the other models?

If you prefer not to use a petrol chain saw because you’re afraid you won’t be able to start the engine, this machine will bring you one step closer anyway. This Hitachi is equipped with an S-Start system. This system ensures that you can start the engine easily and quickly and also without kickback.

Ergonomic soft grip handle
The Hitachi chainsaw is equipped with soft grip handles. This is very nice, because it makes it nice to work with the machine. Furthermore, the machine has an excellent balance and in combination with each other, the machine is therefore very handy.

For a chainsaw with petrol engine, this saw is very light. The saw weighs only 3.8 kg. Other petrol-driven chainsaws weigh 5-6 kg.

Petrol engine
The chainsaw is equipped with a petrol engine. That is very nice, because unlike with an electric chainsaw, you don’t mess around with cords with a petrol chainsaw. Furthermore, this chainsaw is equipped with a PureFire engine. That is a new 2-stroke engine from Hitachi that meets the high emission standards.

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Does the machine also have disadvantages?

No automatic chain lubrication
Many competing models have automatic chain lubrication. In order to keep things running, the chain of a chainsaw must be lubricated regularly. With a saw with automatic chain lubrication you don’t have to worry about that. So with this chainsaw you will need to lubricate the chain regularly.

No oil included
It is important that you lubricate the chain regularly with oil. This oil is not included with this saw. So you will have to order oil separately. (Tip: take a look at the combination offers of Coolblue for a discount).

No tool-free chain tension
When sawing with a chainsaw, you should regularly tighten the chain. This is important, because otherwise the chain will come loose at some point. Most chainsaws on the market today have a tool-free chain tensioner. These often work by means of a fold-out rotary knob. You don’t tension this chain without tools, but you always have the tools for tensioning with you, as they are stored in the side panel. That’s not too bad, so you can easily and quickly tension the chain.

Gasoline engine
Yeah, the gasoline engine was among the benefits. You may not suffer from cords, but a petrol engine requires a bit more maintenance than an electric motor. Furthermore, the petrol engine is often more expensive to run than an electric motor.

Real User Testimonial for Hitachi CS33EB:

What do other people who have already bought this machine say about it?

On Amazon 6 people gave their opinion about this Hitachi chainsaw. There comes an average rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars.

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It is mentioned:

  • Lightweight.
  • Ideal for smaller trees.
  • For large trees a more powerful machine is required.
  • Good product for the price.
  • Good for cutting firewood or small trees.
  • Ideal for the garden.
  • Not expensive for the quality delivered.


This Hitachi CS33EB is an ideal saw for cutting firewood or small trees. However, do not expect too much power. With trees/branches thicker than 30 cm, the machine often has too little power. It is also a pity that the chain is not automatically lubricated.

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