Wood Rot vs Termite Damage

This article covers nearly everything you need to know about wood rot and termite damage, including the similarities and differences between the two. It also explains the major distinguishing factor between wood rot and termite damage and will tell you which is worse. What Is Wood Rot? Wood rot is a generic term that refers … Read more

How to Cut Glass Tile Without a Wet Saw

Glass tiles create a beautiful, shimmering, light-filled effect in bathrooms and kitchens. They are durable, easy to install, and wipe clean with little effort. The most difficult part of installing a new glass tile backsplash or shower walls is likely to be cutting the tile without shattering or breaking it.  The best tool for the … Read more

How to Cut Wire

Without wires, most of the important items and products in your home wouldn’t work. Whether they are providing power or not, wires are vital pieces of your home and your treasured equipment. But what happens when you need to cut wires? There are times when they are in the way and need to be snipped … Read more

How to Cut Door Hinges

The door hinge is perhaps the most important part of a door, aside from the knob of course. The door hinge attaches to the jam and holds it in place, which allows it easy opening and closing. Unfortunately, if a door hinge is not properly installed then the entire object may sit crooked or, worse … Read more

How to Cut Circles in Wood

One of the most common things a woodworker needs to do involves cutting circles in wood. When you’re just getting started, how to cut circles in wood isn’t the most intuitive process. However, there are a multitude of ways to cut curves in wood, and we’ll go through each. How to Cut Circles in Wood … Read more

5 Methods for How to Cut Glass Tile

Glass tile has become a trendy way to update your kitchen or bathroom, with a variety of colors, styles, and sizes to choose from. Because the tile is made from glass, it is easy to damage it while cutting it into the correct sizes for your project. If you use the proper tools and the … Read more

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