How to Cut Circles in Wood

One of the most common things a woodworker needs to do involves cutting circles in wood. When you’re just getting started, how to cut circles in wood isn’t the most intuitive process. However, there are a multitude of ways to cut curves in wood, and we’ll go through each.

How to Cut Circles in Wood Using ​Drill Bits

There are different ways you can cut circles in wood with drill bits, depending on how big you want the circle to be. If the circle is up to 1 1/2 inches in diameter, you can ​use drill bits with your corded drill of choice to do it.

Drill bits generally make cleaner holes. Hole saws are useful for any holes between 1 1/2 and 4 1/2 inches, but not real practical for larger ones. You will need to use a jigsaw for bigger holes.

Cutting a perfect circle out of wood is not a big challenge as long as you know what you’re doing. You may need the following materials:

  • Baseplate
  • Cordless drill
  • Drill bit set
  • Orbital sander
  • Router
  • Saws
  • Pivot bar
  • Connector bar
  • T-Knobs
  • Carriage bolts
  • Wood glue
  • Safety gear

You could learn how to cut a circle in wood with a drill bit or a hole saw. To do this, it is recommended you start the hole from one side of the wood and finish it from the other side. The biggest advantage of doing it this way is that the wood will not chip.

If you are using a jigsaw, you should initially use a drill bit to make a hole for the blade. This will ensure that the outer edge of the circle touches its line. Once that is done, you can use the saw around the circle.

Try to keep the outer edge of the saw blade on the line. You do need a steady hand when using a jigsaw for cutting circles in wood. But, once you get the hang of it, it becomes fairly easy to do.

you can use drill bits in cutting circles in wood

How to Cut Circles in Wood Using Saws

Whenever you’re working with wood, you need to know your saws. You can use these four main types of saws for your woodworking activities and for cutting circles:

1. Jigsaw

The jigsaw is more or less your best friend when it comes to saws and woodworking. Most woodworkers believe the jigsaw is the grand master of cutting different shapes on wood. However, if this is your first time using one, make sure you read the user’s manual.

Based on the task at hand, for instance, cutting circles in wood, you need to select the correct blade. Keep in mind whenever you use a jigsaw, you should try to ensure that between 3 and 5 teeth are engaged at all times while cutting the wood.

The best way to cut a circle in wood is to mark the lines of the circle on the wood before you start cutting it. This will allow you to follow the lines and maneuver the jigsaw more effectively.

For the most precise cut, use both your hands to guide the saw. Also, if you want to make sure the sawdust does not interfere with your work, stop sawing and clear the debris.

When you do this, you could back up on the cut line and then start re-sawing. This will give you better results.

2. Circular Saw

A circular saw is pretty much as versatile as a jigsaw. Since it has an ultra-sharp blade, it is generally used by more experienced woodworkers.

When you use a circular saw to cut a circle, first mark the circle on the wood. This will help you guide the blade more easily, and your cut will be more precise. There should not be any obstruction when you start cutting with the circular saw.

how to cut circles in wood

You need to select the appropriate depth of the cut when using a circular saw. If you want to learn how to cut curves in wood, you could try a circular saw. Circular saws are most useful for cutting rough curves. If you’re looking to make furniture, it is best you use a jigsaw.

3. Table Saw

The table saw has a circular saw blade that is mounted on an arbor and is powered by an electric motor. When you want to cut circles in wood with a table saw, you need to maintain a solid stance to ensure a stable balance.

Don’t stand in front of the saw’s blade. This is a safety precaution you need to take seriously. Avoid wearing loose clothes, jewelry, or any other accessories as you want to make sure there is no risk of any item being grabbed by the blade.

how to use table saw in cutting circles on wood

It is also recommended that you keep a low blade height while aiming for your desired depth. The lower the blade, the less the risk of any kickbacks. Never overreach for the stock, and never push the stock into the blade. Keep it firm against the guide fence and then cut.

Table saws generally have a channel guide in the table top. This can be used to hold when cutting the circle. Table saws are different from each other, but as a general rule, you should keep the table top about 0.75 to 1 inch away from the blade.

4. Miter Saw

miter saw is used for very specific purposes. While not impossible, it might be tricky to cut circles in wood with a miter saw. They are more useful when you have to cut tight-fitting joints such as crowns, trims on door and windows, etc.

Whatever you do, make sure you wear appropriate safety gear when working with a miter saw. This includes the use of safety glasses, earbuds, and gloves.

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Most woodworkers would have all four of these saws in their woodworking shop. However, select the saw that would be most effective based on the size and depth of the circle you want to cut. The tools you select to cut circles in wood also depend on your expertise level.

Beginners tend to use tools that are quicker and easier to handle. As you become more skillful with these saws, you will feel the urge to experiment and try new things. As long as you do that with your safety measures intact, there is no harm in being creative in your woodworking endeavors.

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