DeWALT DW304PK-QS SCREAM MACHINE with electronic speed control. Reciprocating Saw with 29 mm cutting stroke length. Capacity in wood/tube/PVC: 280/100/130 mm. Power consumption 1050Watt, power output is 525Watt. No load speed 0 – 2800 per minute. Weight 3.5 kg In sturdy carrying case with 2 bi-metal saw blades, keyless saw blade clamping system.


A real handyman has good tools. Tools with which you can assemble the best creations and handle repairs in a short time. Does this sound interesting to you? Then DeWalt is the brand for you. The tools are easy to use, so any professional or novice handyman can easily get to work. Machines, accessories, attachments and much more.

DeWalt has everything you need and what is indispensable in any garage. It’s finally possible to fix that wall or attach those planks. DeWalt gets the job done in no time. A house that is finished makes you feel calm and gives you the chance to be busy with other things again. Until it’s time to do the chores again, because that’s what DeWalt makes your favourite pastime.

This robust reciprocating saw from DEWALT does not turn its hand around for a sawing job. Thanks to its power output of 1,050 watts and a cutting stroke of 29 mm, the saw cuts up to 28 cm of wood. The machine is equipped with a keyless saw blade clamping system that makes it easy to change the saw blade.

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Product description of the Dewalt DW304PK reciprocating saw 1050W

Construction and processing:
The Dewalt DW304PK-QS has an extremely high performance due to its 1050 watt motor. It eats through almost all materials (e.g. 20×20 woods, 120 mm pine beams)

This reciprocating saw has a fully insulated and completely rubberized metal gear housing, making it extremely robust and even in continuous operation it cuts a fine figure.

The Dewalt DW304PK weighs 2.3 kg. Its cutting capacity is 280 mm in wood, 100 mm in steel or pipes and 130 mm in PVC. This makes it a professional machine and should not be missing on any construction site.

Equipment and scope of delivery:
Its special saw shoe ensures best cutting results – even with wavy materials! This makes it stand out pleasantly from the range of reciprocating saws.

The tool-free saw blade changing system of the Dewalt DW304PK-QS is particularly convenient. So you can quickly adapt the material to the workpiece to be processed.

The saw blade positioning of this electric reciprocating saw can be adjusted in 4 positions and thus offers a wide range of possible applications while making work easier at the same time.

With its 2.3 kg, the reciprocating saw is surprisingly light, despite its robust construction. Even in a transport case with a total weight of 3.5 kg, you can remain mobile with ‘ease’.

With the electronic stroke rate regulation, the Dewalt DW304PK-QS ensures that the work is appropriate for the material.

It is an enormously practical tool for dismantling, which should not be missing on any construction site.

When you hold the Dewalt DW304PK-QS in your hand, at first you are almost surprised that lightness and power can go together so well.

This reciprocating saw lies very well in the hand and you immediately feel the Dewalt quality.

The 4-fold saw blade setting was rated particularly well: Due to these settings, the reciprocating saw always remains in the starting position and you have no trouble with the cable or awkward hand positions that can quickly lead to fatigue.

Cutting quality:
Due to the special saw shoe of the Dewalt DW304PK reciprocating saw 1050 W, you get best cutting results not only with all common materials, but even with wavy materials.

The quality of the Dewalt also has a positive effect on the cutting quality.

As the 4-fold saw blade adjustment makes handling much easier, the Dewalt scores with easier achievable exact cutting results.

Price-performance ratio:
The Dewalt DW304PK reciprocating saw 1050W scores excellent in the evaluation of the price-performance ratio.

Hardly any reciprocating saw achieves these deep cutting results. If you add to this the cutting quality, you are well served with the Dewalt.

Scope of delivery: Transport case with 2 bi-metal saw blades

Power: 1050 Watt, max. 280 mm cutting depth

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Pros and Cons of DeWALT DW304PK


What exactly are the advantages of this reciprocating saw?

Simple saw change
If your saw is blunt or you are going to cut other material it is a good option to replace the saw blade. This is very easy thanks to the simple saw blade change. No tools, no wrenches, no screwdrivers, one click is enough to change the saw blade.

Case included

With this DeWalt DW304PK reciprocating saw you get not only the saw itself, but also a saw blade and a sturdy case. Here you can transport the saw easily, safely and without damage.

Saw positions
I didn’t know what to call it, but I mean you can put the saw blade in four different positions. So if you want to saw a pipe out of the ceiling you don’t have to keep your saw upside down and crooked, but you can simply turn the saw blade a quarter turn, or two if you find that more convenient. So the saw blade can be facing down, left and right and up. This ensures that you can easily saw off even the most difficult pipes.

Engine, cutting stroke, maximum capacity
Thanks to the powerful 1,050 watt motor you’ll never run out of power. This power is enough to cut every tube, plank, beam or tree branch right through the middle. In combination with a cutting stroke length of 2.9 cm (in one movement the saw blade goes back and forth by 2.9 cm) this results in a maximum capacity (in wood) of no less than 28 cm. You can saw a maximum of 10 cm in structural parts and pipes and 13 cm in PVC.

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Does this machine have any disadvantages and if so, which ones?

Saw blade
It is a pity that only one saw blade is included with this versatile DeWalt DW304pk reciprocating saw. The saw blade can be adjusted in different positions, but you only get one. In addition, amazon reviews indicate that the saw blade is very wobbly and that it wears out quickly.

No variable speed
With the DeWalt 304PK it’s on or off. No intermediate function. Other saws often have a speed limiter or are infinitely adjustable (if you press the power button harder, the saw cuts harder, etc.), unfortunately this saw does not have those functions.

Clamp becomes less
In several reviews on Amazon (English webshop) it is indicated that the clamp, when the machine is used daily, with which you fix the saw blade, slowly but surely decreases.

It is very handy that the saw blade can be adjusted in four positions, and the powerful 1,050 watt motor is also very good, but actually you get nothing, the price tag is also on the high side.

User testimonial on DeWalt DW304PK

What do people who have already bought this reciprocating saw think?

Most people are positive. Of the 290 people, 272 people react positively and 18 more critical.

It is greatly appreciated that the saw blade can be adjusted in all 4 directions.

People do many different things with it, one uses the reciprocating saw to saw off bamboo while the other uses it to cut pallets to reuse the planks.

Several people note that only one saw blade is included and recommend to order multiple saw blades.

The quick saw blade change is also very much appreciated.

From the almost 300 reviews on Amazon I did notice that it is a do-it-yourselfer tool. Even though it is a DeWalt reciprocating saw, using it every day is not necessarily the intention. The saw is more suitable to do an occasional job in your house, garden or kitchen.

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Conclusion for the Dewalt DW304PK Reciprocating saw

The Dewalt reciprocating saw is a highly recommended purchase for professionals.

Although the device is designed for a wide range of work, only one saw blade is included in the scope of delivery. The saw for the rough work nevertheless costs around 150 EUR and can be purchased via Amazon. However, a transport case is included in the scope of delivery, which offers sufficient space for the reciprocating saw and other saw blades.

With its extremely powerful motor, its low weight and its very good cutting performance, it meets all the demands of its users.

All work results of the Dewalt have been rated as very good, with special emphasis on its ability to cut corrugated materials.

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