Makita 5704RK Circular Saw Review

The Makita 5704RK is a 1,200 watt handheld circular saw. The saw has a diameter saw blade of 190 mm, so you can saw up to 66 mm deep, you have the possibility of dust extraction, you have little vibration during sawing and the machine is also the quietest in the class of saws with a saw blade of 190 mm.

Pros and Cons of Makita 5704RK


Possibility of external dust extraction, with which the dust can be vacuumed directly into a vacuum cleaner.

Low vibration during sawing.

Quietest machine in the class of 190 mm circular saws.


Is Makita 5704RK a good Circular Saw?

Makita Circular Saw is an amazing saw machine. The Makita 5704RK is the quietest circular saw in the class of 190mm circular saws. Besides the fact that it is quiet, you hardly suffer from annoying vibrations during sawing.

In terms of ease of use, the 5704RK can therefore sincerely be called a silent force. In addition, it is possible to make dust extraction possible on this product, so if you want to keep it clean and quiet while working, but still require a powerful circular saw, then choose the Makita 5704RK.

Pros and Cons of Makita 5704RK


What exactly are the advantages of this circular saw?

Connection for dust extraction
This machine has a connection for dust extraction. It is therefore possible to connect a (construction) vacuum cleaner to the circular saw. This vacuum cleaner will extract most of the dust and sawdust directly during the sawing process. This will keep your workplace a lot cleaner, which is very pleasant to work with.

Suitcase included
When you buy this circular saw, you will not only receive the saw itself, but also a sturdy storage case. You can store the saw in this case if you don’t use it for a while or if you want to take it with you to another job. If you consistently store the handheld circular saw in this sturdy plastic storage case after use, this will certainly improve its service life.

Quiet and low vibration
Makita claims that this hand-held circular saw is one of the quietest in the class of 190 mm saw blades. The sound pressure level comes to 93 dB, the noise level to 104 dB. The machine is indeed quieter than most hand-held circular saws in this class. In addition, this machine vibrates less and that is very nice when you are sawing.

Anti kickback cavity knife
This machine is equipped with an ant-return cavity knife. This cavity knife will reduce the kickback considerably.

Soft start
This circular saw is equipped with a soft start system. This means that when you start sawing, the saw builds up to top speed within a few seconds and doesn’t run at full speed all at once. This soft start system helps you keep more and better control over the machine.

Mitre sawing possible
With this machine it is possible to make mitre cuts. The saw can be angled 45° on the base plate. Normal, straight (90°) saw up to 66 mm deep and if you cut into the mitre (45°), you cut up to 46 mm deep.

Longitudinal guide
This circular saw comes with a longitudinal guide. This longitudinal guide can be placed at right angles in the front of the machine. You can then adjust it so that you can easily saw a strip of wood.


What are the disadvantages of this machine? Why would you leave the machine?

One saw blade included
When you buy this machine you will only get one saw blade. This saw blade is suitable for sawing wooden boards and beams. If you want to saw other material or if this saw blade is worn out, you will have to order some other saw blades separately.

No laser guide
This machine is not equipped with a laser guide. A laser guide projects a laser that allows you to see exactly where you are going to cut.

No guide rail
This machine is supplied with a longitudinal guide, but no guide rail. The big brother of this Makita, the Makita SP6000J1X, does have a supplied guide rail with which you can saw extremely straight.

Experiences of buyers
What do people who have already bought and used this machine say?

Testimonials of people who used Makita 5704RK

  • Runs nice and quiet
  • Great machine for budget friendly price
  • A lot of power and not too heavy
  • Fine dust extraction


This circular saw is very suitable for do-it-yourselfers and hobby handymen. It is a pity that there is no rail guide included, that would make the machine more suitable for more professional use.

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