Makita SP6000J1 Review

Makita SP6000J1 is a precise diving circular saw for precise cutting. Ideal for installing equipment or laying plank flooring. Recommended for use with a guide rail. An engine power of 1,300 W, cutting power 56 mm. Speed can be set between 2,000 and 6,400 rpm. Guide rail included.

Immersion with power and precision

With the immersion saw SP6000J1 from Makita, clean cuts can be made in any material without any build-up and precisely. It is also supported in its tasks by a powerful drive and is equipped with many convenient features.

Important key figures

Despite a considerable power consumption of 1,300 watts, the saw weighs only 4.4 kilograms and, with its rubber-cushioned handle, seems to lie securely in the hand. With the 165 millimetre saw blade, idle speeds of 2,000 to 5,800 revolutions per minute and thus cutting capacities of 56 millimetres with a vertical cut and 40 and 38 with an angle of inclination of 45 and 48 degrees respectively are possible. The cutting angle can be undercut to between -1 and 22.5 degrees and can be tilted and adjusted to 45 and a maximum of 48 degrees via a practical preselector.

Product features and accessories

The speed of the Makita is controlled by a constant electronic system, thus enabling it to be used in accordance with the material. In addition, the soft start and marking mode should support a clean cutting pattern. Above all, the plunge saw has overload protection. This is an electronic protection mechanism that automatically stops the motor in case of overload and thus increases its service life. In addition, a motor brake prevents the blade from running for a long time after a completed work process, thus reducing the risk of injury. According to the manufacturer, the machine should remain safely in the guide rail even at maximum inclination, and the position of the cutting point should be one and the same at any angle. The saw blade can be easily changed by means of a locking device. The scope of delivery includes a plastic system case, as mentioned by Makita MACPAK, for convenient storage of the machine and accessories, a carbide saw blade, a 1400 millimetre guide rail in a fabric bag and mounting tools. An optional dust extraction system can be attached to the machine.

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Pros and Cons of Makita SP6000J1:


Front zip function: This Makita hand circular saw has a front zipper function. This allows you to see a wooden plate without it splintering. You activate the function and then you cut the plate in the entire length. The saw will only go through the material for a small amount. Then you go back to the beginning and cut completely through the plate. The plate will then be completely splinter-free on both sides.

The cord of this Makita is on the side. This is very useful in some cases, for example if you cut a 2-metre plate, the cord will not stick to the back of the plate but will ‘go along’ to the side of the plate with where you are sawing.
In addition, the cord is also 4 meters long. For ordinary work, therefore, you will not need an extension cord immediately.

Adjustable speed
The speed of this machine is easy to set at different modes. This makes it possible to cut various materials. One material has to be cut more slowly than the other. Plastic for example will burn if you cut it at full speed, but is fine to cut at a lower speed.

The Makita SP6000J1 is tiltable. You can see from -1° to 48°. In addition, there is a precise touch at 0°, 22.5° and 45° that can easily set. If you have to cut 2 sheets of wood against each other, you can see one at -1° and one in 1°, the result will be that the saw line is almost not visible.

Soft start and engine brake
The machine is equipped with a soft start. This means, as the name says, that when the saw blade is switched on, the blade will not run at full speed, but that it will be built up in seconds. This prevents a peak load. In addition, the machine is equipped with an engine brake. After the blade has started to rotate gently, the blade will stop almost immediately when stopping sawing. This is what the engine brake provides. As a result, you will be less likely to come into contact with the saw after seeing.

Guide rail
This Makita hand circular saw also includes a guide rail. This is very convenient. Many hand circle saws do include a guide, but a guide rail is rare. A guide rail is very useful if you want to cut a plate of wood at a certain width or length. The guide rail is equipped with rubber strips at the bottom. That’s how the rail stays when you’re going to see. Furthermore, you can order 2 more clamps in case you prefer to secure the rail completely.

The guide rail also comes with a bag so that the rail is less damaged.If you’re cutting obliquely, the saw hangs all over the guide rail. A handy lock has been added so that the saw cannot tilt completely under any circumstances.

Storage case
As mentioned earlier, you will get a protective axle for the guide rail, but that doesn’t end up. You will also get a sturdy suitcase for the saw itself. If you put the saw away, you can store the saw and any saw blades in a sturdy suitcase. You can also transport the saw well in this. In the case, the machine will be better protected and it will improve durability.
The suitcase is 39.5 x 29.5 x 32 cm.

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One saw blade
You will only receive one saw blade when you buy this hand circle saw. This is a saw blade for wood with 48 teeth. If you want to cut other material, see faster (saw blade with fewer teeth) you will have to order some other saw blades separately.

Clamping guide rail not included
The clamps with which the guide rail can be secured are not included as standard. In most cases, the rubber strips are enough to keep the rail in place, but if you prefer to secure the rail with the original clamps you will have to order it separately.

Testimonial from real users:

  • At least as good and cheaper as the Festool.
  • Professional finish.
  • Excellent value for money.
  • Handy storage box.
  • Accurate.
  • Fine splinter-free function.
  • Convenient to use.
  • More than worth his money.
  • Handy.
  • Safe.


The Makita 6000J1 is a powerful plunge saw with exceptional features and characteristics. Not only can it be used to make large cut-outs in workpieces such as kitchen worktops, but it could also eliminate the need to purchase an entry-level circular table saw, thus saving costs. Above all, such convenient features as quick pre-selection of the most important tilt angles, soft start and a marking mode should make the saw interesting not only for professional use, but also for the spoiled do-it-yourselfer. It remains to be seen how the device will perform in future tests by trade magazines. As you read, the machine is judged very well. This hand circle saw is suitable for DIY enthusiasts and home use, but also certainly for a professional job.

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