Makita JV0600K Review

The Makita JV0600K is a versatile jigsaw from Makita. The saw has surprising cutting performance for an entry-level model. The saw is lightweight, has three pendulum positions, variable electric speed control and you can use it for mitre cuts.

What does the Makita JV0600K do?

With a Makita JV0600K jigsaw you can saw straight as well as figures and curves in wood, plastic and metal. This 230V pendulum jigsaw is mainly used for sawing wood up to 135 mm and metal up to 10 mm. A wide range of accessories and saw blades are available for the JV0600K. Choose the right saw blade for each application so that you can use the machine optimally for cutting arcs and circles.

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Key Benefits of Makita JV0600K

This 650 Watt pendulum jigsaw weighs only 2.4 kg and is therefore a real lightweight. But one that is particularly comfortable to handle thanks to its soft grip and is powerful in its performance. The machine has three pendulum positions. So you can choose the right cutting movement for each material. The higher the pendulum position, the faster you can work but the coarser the finish. The JV0600K has variable electric speed control. This function ensures that sawing can also be done in materials such as metal and plastic. For mitre cuts, the foot pad underneath the machine can be tilted up to 45º to either side and a hot saw blade can be changed easily with a single touch of a finger.


  • Jigsaw blade B10
  • Allen wrench 3.0 mm
  • Suitcase


  • Power consumption : 650 Watt
  • Machine voltage : 230V
  • Pendulum positions : 3
  • Maximum cutting capacity wood 90º : 90 mm
  • Maximum cutting capacity metal 90º : 10 mm
  • Maximum cutting capacity aluminium 90º : 20 mm
  • Weight : 2,4 kg (EPTA)
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Advantages of Makita JV0600K

What exactly are the advantages of this jigsaw? Why should you choose this model?

Dust extraction possible

With this Makita jigsaw it is possible to suck off all the dust that is released. There is a built-in connection for a (construction) vacuum cleaner. You can connect a (construction) vacuum cleaner hose to this and most of the dust and sawdust will be extracted directly. The dust will not enter the room where you are sawing.

Variable speed

This machine is equipped with variable electric speed control. At the back of the saw there is a rotary knob and thus the speed can be set from 500 – 3000 bpm. This is very useful, for example, if you start sawing or if you cut material that requires a lower RPM.

Simple saw change

The saw blade of this Makita is easy to replace. Fooling around with a screwdriver in the top as it was 10 years ago is a thing of the past. Nowadays you just push the saw blade in and it’s stuck. To loosen the saw blade again you push a lever around and the saw blade comes loose. This is also very handy if you have just cut and the saw blade is still warm.

Tilting to both sides

With this jigsaw you can easily cut mitre cuts. With the supplied Allen key you can easily unscrew the Allen bolt which is located at the bottom of the machine. By the way, you always have this Allen key with you, because it is ‘attached’ to the machine. Once you have unscrewed the bolt, the footplate can be angled to both sides by up to 45°. It is also possible to slide the footplate a bit to the front or to the back.

Ergonomic soft grip handle

The jigsaw is equipped with an ergonomic soft grip handle so that the saw remains perfectly in the hand even when working for long periods of time. In addition, the ‘on button’ is easy to press with two fingers so that you do not get a sore finger.

Pendulum positions

The Makita JV0600K has three shuttle positions. Hard material can be sawed on the low pendulum position and for example wood can be sawed on a higher pendulum position. With a higher pendulum position the saw blade not only goes up and down, but also forward and down. In this way you can cut faster and the saw blade won’t touch the workpiece during the downward movement, so the saw blade will also last longer.

Case included

When you buy this Makita you will not only receive the jigsaw itself, you will also get a sturdy plastic case. Here you can store the machine when you are not using it or if you want to take it somewhere with you.

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Disadvantages of Makita JV0600K

Does this versatile Makita JV0600K also have disadvantages?

Only one saw blade included

When you buy this machine you will get a case, you will only get one saw blade. This is a saw blade suitable for wood. If this saw blade is worn out, or if you want to cut other material for which a wood saw blade is not suitable, you will have to order other saw blades separately.

No (LED) lamp

Some competing models have a bright LED light that illuminates the workpiece around the saw blade. This is very useful in, for example, a dark corner.

Experiences of buyers

What do other handymen and do-it-yourselfers say about this jigsaw?

The machine is rated very well. On Amazon (international webshop) the machine has 4.4 ratings of the 5 stars. This score was also influenced by someone who only gave the machine one star because he was dissatisfied with the saw blades. On that rating of one star more than 10 reactions are that the rating is unjustified.

Further more is mentioned:

  • A powerful, good product.
  • Good quality.
  • Price fits the product.
  • Sound material.
  • Saws easy to replace.
  • Great tool.
  • Robust and accurate.
  • Low vibration.

As you can read the experiences are very good and the saw is evaluated positively.

Conclusion: great jigsaw for the do-it-yourselfer or home handyman, but also for a professional.

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