Porter Cable PCE345 Jigsaw Review

A jigsaw is an essential tool in your shop or home. It’s a fine woodworking tool, hacksaw, and construction saw combined into one device. Jigsaws can create beveled or straight cuts and can complete tasks that are almost impossible to complete by hand.

This jigsaw review will help you get a greater understanding of the Porter Cable PCE345. The tool is comfortable, has good weight distribution, and a large trigger making it a good choice for first-time users.

PORTER-CABLE Orbital Jig Saw, 6.0-Amp, Corded...

Porter Cable Jigsaw Overview


  • 6.0 Amp / 120 Volt Motor
  • ​4 Orbital Action Settings
  • ​​0 SPM – 3200 SPM
  • Max Cut Depth of 4″
  • ​​​Tool-less blade change
  • Bevel Adjustment (45 degrees)
  • 3 year warranty
  • 7 adjustable speed settings

The Porter Cable PCE345 is a powerful jigsaw that can create a cross cut on 2×8 material within 16 seconds. ​Feature rich, this jigsaw wins in our reviews of the best sub $100 jigsaw. While it might not be quite as accurate as some of the more expensive saws on the market, Porter Cable brings a load of value in this model.

PORTER-CABLE Orbital Jig Saw, 6.0-Amp, Corded...
  • 7 Position Speed Dial (0-3200 Spm) Integrated Into Trigger Of The Jigsaw Tool Provides Multiple...
  • 6 Amp Motor Of The Jig Saw Delivers Power In Demanding Applications
  • 4 Orbital Settings Provides Best Cutting Performance In A Variety Of Materials

Who Is This Jigsaw For?

Much like the Black and Decker BDEJS600C, this Porter Cable is best suited for several times of home DIYers and woodworkers.

If you’re brand new at owning a power saw, we highly recommend this jigsaw model. The jig saw is usually one of the first power saws that someone picks up, mainly because of its versatility, convenience, and ease of use.

This Porter Cable model is perfect for beginners, as it is both feature rich and not expensive. You’ll get most of the features that the higher-end jigsaws contain, but without having to pay a high price.

This model is also great for someone who isn’t working on sophisticated projects, and doesn’t need a sophisticated saw. The Porter Cable has everything you need. You’ll sacrifice a bit on cutting accuracy, and miss out on some of the specialty features. But that might be just fine for you if you don’t need them anyways.

Porter Cable PCE345 Features


You’ll like this device because of its 6 amp motor with a 3,200 SPM cutting speed. 6 amps is incredibly powerful for this price – other jigsaws provide 4 – 5 amp motors. That power translates into a saw that can cut a wider range of materials.

If you’re picking up a jigsaw to a highly functional, multi-purpose saw around your house, then having a powerful motor will serve you well.

​Perhaps the best feature about this saw is the the Strokes Per Minute, or SPM, that it provides. ​Note that the speed is varied, giving you more control over their cutting quality. Press onto the trigger to adjust the jigsaw’s speed to suit your project requirements.

source: portercable.com

Orbital & Speed Settings

With 7 speed positions, this jigsaw is far above others in its price range. These speeds allow you to have a tremendous amount of control over what you are cutting, and how fast you do it. Remember that speed to both accuracy and cutting capability.

The PCE345 has 4 orbital settings that give you extra control and a larger cutting range. Like its motor, this range of orbital settings is the standard amount for high end, expensive jigsaws. You’re getting amazing power and speed settings with this Porter Cable.

As a review, orbital settings allow you to have much greater control over cutting different materials.

Cut Depth

With a 4″ cut depth, you’ll be able to make it through a variety of materials. For this price range, this outpaces the Black and Decker by 33%, and is on pace with some of the $150+ jigsaws on the market.

Only the Bosch JS470e has a deeper cut depth in our reviews, and you’ll pay a pretty penny for that saw.

Safety Features

Knowing this saw would be serving and entry-level market, Porter Cable did a nice job with their safety features.

It has a protective cover and wide shoe, which gives you great protection and added stability while you cut.

The jigsaw has features that maximizes your performance while reducing fatigue. For instance, the device has an integrated LED light that illuminates the cutting line and improves visibility. This allows you to work in dark areas with limited space more efficiently.

Additional Features

​Most jigsaw tools, whether it’s circular or bandsaws, allow for two or three bevel adjustment angles. However, this limited range can prevent DIYers from getting their work done. The Porter Cable offers several angles (0°, 15°, 30°, 45°) which helps you level the bevel cut according to your preferences.

Finally, this model comes with toolless blade change for fast and easy blade switching.

We hinted at it earlier, but it bears mentioning. This jigsaw if chock full of features, given everything you get with this one.

The Porter Cable, like other jigsaws in this price range, is not nearly as accurate in its cutting as more expensive models. That doesn’t make this a bad purchase; its just important to mention. You will achieve a much higher degree of accuracy from other models, like the Makita JV600K or the Dewalt DCS331b.

With that being said, a large list of pros state that the Porter Cable PCE345 is worth what’s demanded and is a great buy. It’s trigger position, and various bevel adjustments are useful for carpenters, contractors, and daily housework.

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​The Porter Cable PCE345 ​is a fantastic option for those looking to buy a very reasonably priced jigsaw. We highly recommend it as your first jigsaw as well… we wish this had been the first one we ever purchased!

PORTER-CABLE Orbital Jig Saw, 6.0-Amp, Corded...
  • 7 Position Speed Dial (0-3200 Spm) Integrated Into Trigger Of The Jigsaw Tool Provides Multiple...
  • 6 Amp Motor Of The Jig Saw Delivers Power In Demanding Applications
  • 4 Orbital Settings Provides Best Cutting Performance In A Variety Of Materials
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