Makita JR3050T Review

The Makita JR3050T is a nice reciprocating saw from Makita with different functions and possibilities. For example, the saw has an exceptionally long cord of 4 metres and a cutting stroke length of 28 mm, power of 1,010 watts and a variable speed.

Makita JR3050T in detail:

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The Makita JR3050T took second place in our reciprocating saw test. Solid workmanship and easy handling convinced us all along the line. The saw lies well in the hand and delivers a decent power of 1010 watts. This enables a large cutting depth and makes working particularly easy. It always lies securely in the hand and also convinces in terms of durability and longevity. The included case is very useful for storage. It offers everything you can expect from a good working tool. Only the missing useful extras, such as integrated LED, leave this reciprocating saw in the shadow of the Bosch GSA 1100E.

Use & Handling

The Makita reciprocating saw could convince in our test all along the line. It took second place, especially because of its good price/performance ratio.

It is also a heavy machine that fits well and safely in the hand. The rubber padding in the handle also contributes to this, which also reduces vibrations and makes long shifts more comfortable.

The decent power of 1010 watts also allows effortless cuts through thick wood and metal. Cutting wet wood is also no problem. Fast and clean work is guaranteed with this reciprocating saw.

There is also a safety switch that must always be pressed so that the saw cannot run when it is not being operated. The speed is infinitely variable with the main switch, so that it can be changed at any time. For further safety, safety goggles and hearing protection should always be worn.

A further advantage is the saw blade change without tools. It is simple and self-explanatory, similar to the well-known Bosch SDS system.

Compared to the Bosch Professional, it does not offer any useful extras, such as an LED to illuminate the work area or a hook to hang it up. But the adjustable guide shoe for better utilization of the saw blade is convincing. At this point, everyone must decide for themselves which extras they need and which they do not.

Although the supplied case is extremely sturdy and of high quality, it is, as with the Bosch Professional, extremely compact.

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Pros and cons of Makita JR3050T


What are the advantages of this machine? Is this machine unique and if so, what makes this machine unique?

Simple saw change
The saw blade is easy to replace just like on other models of our time, you no longer have to fiddle with keys or screwdrivers. Just flip a lever to remove the saw blade from the head. This is also very handy if you have just sawn, the saw blade is often still warm from sawing. Putting in the saw blade is also very easy, you only have to put in the saw blade and the lock goes automatically.

The machine is, thanks to its compact construction and ergonomic softgrip handle, very handy. The machine lies well in the hand and will not slip easily because of the softgrip handle.

Powerful, but lightweight
The Makita JR3050 has a power output of 1,010 watts. This allows you to make up to 2,800 up and down movements per minute. In combination with a cutting stroke length of 28 mm, you can cut up to 255 mm deep in wood. Despite all this power, the machine is only 3.2 kg heavy, less than average.

Infinitely variable speed
The speed of the Makita JR3050t is infinitely variable, which means that if you gently press the power button, the machine cuts at low revs and the further you press the button, the harder the machine cuts. Ideal if you want to make a gentle start or saw something in half.

Case included
This versatile reciprocating saw from Makita also comes with a case. In this case you can store your saw when you are not using it. In this way you can keep your hobby room or work bus a little neater.

Quite long cord
Most reciprocating saws have a cable length of 2.5 to 3 metres. In the disadvantages I often put that the cord is on the short side. This Makita 3050 has a cable length of no less than 4 meters. This means that you almost never get the cord too short and you can also get into the corners.

3 saw blades included
Where with most reciprocating saws you only have one Saw blade supplied with this reciprocating saw, (often one for wood) you get 3 saw blades supplied with this reciprocating saw. It is not a set of 15 saw blades, but at least not as lean as one saw blade.

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Had the advantages, are there disadvantages and if so, what are the disadvantages?

Of course it makes sense that a saw vibrates a bit, but some new saws already have anti-vibration technology. It’s a pity this machine doesn’t have that yet.

Furthermore, I have not been able to find any disadvantages.

Testimonial from real users for Makita JR3050T

What do users say, people who have already bought this saw and are doing the same things with it as you?

  • Solid Makita tools.
  • Long cable.
  • Stepless speed control.
  • Soft grip.

On Amazon there are 29 reviews, there the saw gets a rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars. Further is mentioned:

  • Typical solid Makita quality.
  • Solid, works well.
  • Good price-quality ratio.
  • Handy case included.
  • Convenient saw change.
  • Handy to use.
  • Nice and light.
  • Saws everything to pieces. (positive means)
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Conclusion on the Makita JR3050T

Overall, the Makita is thus at a similarly high level as the Bosch Professional, which makes it a good alternative. Especially in terms of performance and quality it is convincing all along the line, only useful extras are missing. But since the price of both models is very similar at the moment, we would personally go for Makita JR3050T. Of course our opinion is only a recommendation and is therefore not binding. You will certainly not regret buying the Makita reciprocating saw.

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