Makita UC4051A Review

The Makita UC4051A is our comparison test winner in the electric chain saw category and is ideal for garden and fireplace owners & do-it-yourselfers. The Makita convinces with a first-class equipment and a high performance. With it you can easily handle more demanding tasks, such as sawing large quantities of firewood. With the included accessories (e.g. metal case) the Makita UC4051A is a very good chain saw for beginners.

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The Makita UC4051A electric chain saw in detail

The Makita UC4051A was ranked first in our electric chainsaw test comparison for a good reason. It has a powerful and powerful motor with an output of 2000 watts and is also equipped with a 40 cm saber. This makes the machine ideal for demanding tasks, such as sawing large quantities of firewood and extensive cutting work. But also light work in the garden can be mastered with it super.

Because of the strong power the weight of the machine is 5,6 kg, which is higher than other electric chainsaws, but still very handy and allows longer working without problems. With 90.8 db the noise level is top for this power class. Many comparable models are much louder here.

Compared to other electric chainsaws, the Makita UC4051A electric chainsaw is a little bit more expensive. Nevertheless, the price/performance ratio, especially the combination package with the corresponding accessories, is very good here, because you get an absolute professional machine for your money, with top performance and quality.

Equipment of the Makita UC4051A

  • Changing & tensioning of the chain as well as cleaning without tools
  • High-quality, adjustable oil pump, which ensures an even oil supply independent of temperature and viscosity
  • Practical viewing window on chain oil tank for oil level control
  • Robust metal claw stop
  • Easy maintenance and care
  • Non-slip grips thanks to rubber padding
  • In a package: Incl. metal case, chain arrows and chain saw oil
  • Work safely: Chain brake with inertia release & recoil brake
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In terms of maintenance and care, the Makita UC4051A is comfortable and simple as usual. The multi-functional turning lever allows the chain housing to be opened without any tools and the chain to be tensioned, loosened or even replaced. This is very practical and makes working and handling the saw very easy and should always be part of the equipment of a good electric chain saw. A high-quality, automatic, adjustable oil pump, which works independently of the temperature and viscosity of the chain oil, ensures optimal, even lubrication of the chain. Thanks to the large viewing window into the oil tank, it is easy to read the level and top up the chain oil if necessary. The chain oil tank has a total volume of 200ml, which can easily be filled via the cap on the top of the machine.

The Makita UC4051A also meets the safety requirements in all points. A robust metal claw stop ensures a good grip when sawing. The rubberized, non-slip and ergonomic handles ensure a secure grip and good control of the machine while working. In addition, the model is of course equipped with a chain brake and a recoil brake, which ensure that the machine stops immediately when released.

If you only decide to use the chain saw, you will receive a chain, the saw-bar and a chain guard with the delivery. This means that the saw is immediately ready for use and you can start working. Those who choose the combi-package, on the other hand, will also receive a robust and practical metal case, in which the machine can be neatly stowed away and also transported very easily. Also included is a bottle of chainsaw oil and an arrow with which the chain can be re-sharpened. With the package you have almost everything you need to work with a chainsaw and therefore the package is ideal for beginners. Only a 2nd spare chain is missing here.

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Pros and Cons of Makita UC4051A


What exactly are the advantages of this Makita UC4051A? Is there something unique about this machine and if so what?

The Makita UC4051A has a powerful engine with a power of 2,000 watts. With that power you can easily cut branches and trees in half. Thanks to a gearing you have an unprecedented pulling power.

Soft start and slipping clutch
When you start sawing with the Makita chainsaw, you first have to deal with a small delay. Little further, but the saw doesn’t immediately start cutting very hard, but carefully. This prevents peak tension and is better for your wrists.

What is even more good for your wrists, the slipping clutch. This is not only good for your wrists, but also for the gears in the machine. The slipping clutch is meant to prevent the clutch from jamming. So it is better for your machine and for yourself.

Tool-free adjustment of the chain and replacement of the sword
The time of tinkering with tools to adjust or replace a chain is over. Makita has added a handy dial and from now on you no longer need tools to adjust the chain or replace the sword. This saves time and is just much easier.

Automatic chain lubrication
A chain must be lubricated regularly. So does the chain of a chainsaw. On many current models this is done automatically. The same goes for this Makita UC4051A. You don’t have to do anything yourself to lubricate the chain, this is fully automatic. Of course you have to refill your oil yourself.

Oil level indicator
The oil level indicator is a very handy tool with this Makita chainsaw. The oil level indicator shows exactly when you need to top up the oil. This way, the chain never runs dry. (if you refill it at least on time) This will increase its service life.

Sword of 40 cm
Thanks to the long sword of 40 cm you saw deeper and wider than ever. With this long saw blade you can even cut through thick trees and branches without any problems.

In a user review the design of the Makita is praised. A user writes that the machine is easy to clean after use and that there are hardly any hidden corners where dirt can accumulate. In addition, the machine is equipped with two softgrip handles.

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That all sounded good in the benefits, safety is dexterity and safety is also thought of. Does the machine also have disadvantages?

The machine is relatively heavy. 5.2 kg. If you stand with that in your hands all day long you will feel that at some point. Luckily this chainsaw from Makita has a very good weight distribution so it is no longer annoying that the machine is so heavy.

Short cord
As with most electric chainsaws, it also has a short cord. The cord is also only 30 cm to be precise. So you will always have to use an extension cord when sawing. (TIP: if you don’t have an extension cord at home, you can order one from Coolblue).

Testimonials from real users for Makita UC4051A

I’m sitting here talking about the saw, but what do users say about this saw? People like you, the firewood saw, tree pruner and so on.

With other products on this site there have been hundreds of users who have given their opinion about the product, with this chainsaw there are only 6 people who have given their opinion.

But don’t worry, all these seven people are very positive about the machine.

They write:

  • Good weight distribution.
  • Convenient that the chain can be tensioned/changed without tools.
  • Short cord.
  • Good design.
  • On the expensive side.
  • Fine softgrip handle.
  • Good slipping clutch.
  • Quiet.
  • Lies comfortably in your hand.
  • Saw better than I expected.
  • Good value for money.

Conclusion – Makita UC4051A electric chain saw

It is not for nothing that the Makita UC4051A * is one of the most popular chainsaws among our readers and is our comparison winner. All in all, this chain saw is simply ideal for the private user at home: compact, handy, easy to operate and a good cutting performance. All this at a really top price. There is really nothing to say about it. Therefore, this is the optimal saw for home and garden owners and also great as an entry-level saw.

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