Festool Kapex KS 120 EB review

A generously adjustable work table allows mitre cuts to the right up to 60° and to the left up to 50°. Very good cutting values of 88 mm depth and 305 mm width already offer many possibilities. But that is not all – thanks to the special cross-cut position, workpieces such as strips can be sawn up to 120 mm deep!

Ergonomically arranged recessed grips, a transport lock, a pull-out clamp and the very low weight of 21.5 kg, which is very low for professional machines, offer top mobility!

A powerful motor (1600 Watt), variable speed selection combined with a soft start, overload protection and an integrated quick brake ensure safe working.

To ensure that it is not only safe but also extremely precise, the Festool cross-cut saw Kapex KS 120 EB offers fine adjustment for setting the saw angle with millimetre precision. To simplify matters, these useful features are simply adjusted at the front of the crosscut saw.

With a built-in angle bevel, angular dimensions of inner and outer corners can be transferred to the saw easily and precisely. A double line laser helps to ensure that the subsequent cut is also precise. The double column guide ensures a safe and smooth guidance of the saw blade.

This Festool cross-cut and mitre saw also has a suction device and a chip collecting funnel for the cleanest possible work.

Of course, the Kapex KS 120 EB also has an extendable table extension. This means that even longer workpieces can be sawn safely and precisely.

In order to work in a stable and comfortable standing position, you can purchase the matching Festool work table with perforated plate.

All features in a row:

  • FastFix blade change for material-tuned work
  • Precise saw cuts by double guide column
  • Pre-operated fine setting for the millimetre-precise setting of the blade angle
  • Flawless corner transfer with the swing hook and double-line laser
  • Compact and light construction for comfortable transport
  • Quick brake

Focal points for applications:

  • Fitting skirting boards and moldings up to a height of 120 mm – without calculating
  • Pass sawing from planks and panels up to 305 x 88 mm
  • Fitting from edge profiles to 168 mm in “every measured angle”
  • Shortening beams to a thickness of 88 mm
  • Chassis facilitates and supports kapex’s applications
  • Comfortable transport on construction and when fitting thanks to the KAPEX chassis
  • Easy folding for transport thanks to the KAPEX chassis

Other Information:

  • CLEANTEC: Integrated bayonet closure as a connecting element between vacuum cleaner and tool.
  • MMC Electronic Digital: processor-controlled power electronics “Multi Material Control” with adjustable and constant speed and temperature monitoring for material-tuned work.
  • Quick brake: To work safely at the planing, sawing and milling.
  • FastFix: Facilitates tool switching when milling, sawing, planing, sanding, drilling and screwing.
  • Precise double-line laser: Two laser lines to easily and precisely set workpieces on the left or right line.

Pros and cons of Festool Kapex KS 120 EB


Of the 10 product evaluations for the Festool cross-cut and mitre saw Kapex KS 120 EB so far, a total of 9 have been awarded the grade “very good” (5 stars) and 0 more have been awarded the grade “good” (4 stars).

According to the opinions of these buyers, this is a top-quality, hard-to-beat cross-cut saw that should satisfy every hobby and professional handyman in terms of quality, performance and extras.

In combination with a suitable base frame, the work can be carried out even more easily and precisely. Generally very good and precise sawing results of the customers!

  • precise cuts
  • common suctions, e.g. Kärcher
  • Grid table can be fixed at any angle lever
  • Laser displays double lines
  • “Fast Fix” for saw blade changes such as the TS 55
  • as an accessory is still an angular snuggled, which is stowed under the cutting table
  • Rubber cables
  • Saw does not cut into plastic at 47°


In terms of quality, the buyers of the Festool cross-cut saw Kapex KS 120 EB have not really had anything to complain about so far.

However, if this wonderful crosscut saw is not exactly on offer, the price is well over a thousand dollars…not exactly a bargain!

But who attaches importance to quality and performance, knows that this also has its price.

  • Higher weight of the saw, but everyone should assess for themselves
  • Price
  • fixed power cable, here in my opinion the coupling cable would also be advantageous

General information about Festool crosscut saws:

Festool tools are designed primarily for the professional craftsman.

Thanks to their durability, quality and precision, Festool crosscut saws are very popular with both hobby craftsmen and professionals.

Basically, you can of course say: The higher the price, the more performance I can expect from a Festool crosscut saw. However, the price/performance ratio and the frequency of use should be taken into consideration when buying a crosscut saw. This means: the more often and the more demanding I want to use the Festool crosscut saw, the more quality in performance and material must be available.

Conclusion for Festool Kapex KS 120 EB:

The mixture of the very good cutting performance, the more than acceptable price, the extras as well as the many positive customer opinions would make us reach for this crosscut saw without any major concerns! It is a great compromise between high-end professional machines and the “hobby” machines.

Of course, you can also purchase other Festool crosscut saws which may be more suitable for you.

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