Dewalt DW717 Professional Review

If you have been finding the best sliding miter saw for long, congratulations, you’ve got the best one here.

Well, if you’re like those who appreciate having the excellent sliding miter saw, then you must go with the Dewalt DW717. It comes with plenty of power generated by the powerful motor, which eases down your cutting work.

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From durability to maximum cutting efficiency, everything in this miter saw adding value to make your work effortless. It features the electric brake and soft, so you won’t need to juggle while operating it.

You don’t need to look further if you need a durable, sturdier, and extremely powerful sliding miter saw. This 10-inch double-bevel sliding compound miter saw has no exception till now.

Once you have this DW717 miter saw, you will not move back in search of others. Well, this isn’t enough here about this miter saw; let us take you in-depth of the Dewalt DW717 reviews so that you can be sure enough to buy after finishing the reading.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s move down to the features.

Features of the Dewalt DW717 Miter Saw

Our research team reviewed this Dewalt DW771 miter saw for a couple of weeks, and with no exception, this won our heart in a while. It boasts so many impressive features that offer you highly accurate cutting with precise angles.

Many professional woodworkers are always willing to pay a little more for the best miter saw with a brand name, durable and quality features. So, Dewalt’s name is enough to explain its worthiness.

What’s the catch here is, its ten inches long, sturdier, and durable blade, which allows you to cut accurately even at varied angles. Let us take a glance at other features so that you can quickly decide whether this works for you or not.

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Precision Cutting

Many miter saw claims to offer precise cutting, however not all actually proven to be true. Thanks to the Dewalt DW717 miter, which has 10 inches long blade and an adjustable bevel plate. Apart from this, it also has a clamping mechanism, which offers you exceptional cutting angles.

Its linear bar bearings are very easy to operate with the help of its cam-lock handle. With all these features, it offers you versatility in precision cutting. Moreover, you can also adjust the angles of the cutting according to your preference.

Double-Bevel Sliding

Everyone loves to have the miter saw that allows you to have a wide range of cuts. Thanks to the Dewalt DW717 miter saw that allows different bevel angles from left to right. Moreover, this can easily flip when the bevels are being cut.

Its sliding angle is undoubtedly the best and helpful in cutting even through the more comprehensive wood pieces. Plus, its back-fence design allows cutting 45 degrees on the lumbar, which has a dimension from 2 x 14 inches.

What’s more about this miter saw is, it’s very easy to adjust the angle, all you need to slide, and you’re done.

Sliding Fence

Another thing that compels us to review this miter saw is its sliding fence. It’s truly versatile and highly adjustable than its previous model. Sliding fences make your work easier with crown moldings.

While working with an extended wooden piece, the stability of the miter saw is very crucial. So, luckily, you have this miter saw now with 22 inches long and broader fences. With the help of this, you can extend your work table as per your convenience. Moreover, it allows you to support even the 37 inches long wooden block by opening its two aluminum fences.

Dust Bag

One thing that keeps on frustrating us while working with the woodblocks is the wooden mess that spread all around. Thankfully, you don’t need to pass through such a messy condition because it has the dust collecting bag.

Although it is small but genuinely amenable to keep your work table neat and tidy, along with this, it doesn’t give you a headache if you need to clean it. , open the zipper, and empty it. Also, its dust extractor is pretty much impressive. However, it could be better but great to have in such a price range.

Portable and Compatible

This is a powerful meter yet so portable to carry anywhere. It only weighs around 51 pounds and features a built-in carry handle. With the help of this handle, you can easily carry it anywhere and lift it comfortably.

It comes with an adjustable miter saw laser system that ensures you have clean cutting lines for additional accuracy.

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What Comes Inside the Box?

There is nothing to hide; you will receive one DW717-10 inch double bevel sliding miter saw. Along with this, you will also receive some accessories such as:

  • 40 tooth blades
  • A dust collecting bag
  • Clamp and a wrench
  • Adjustable laser system
  • Miter saw stand
  • A manual card
  • And a warranty card

What do We like About the Dewalt DW717 Miter Saw? 

After having the Dewalt DW717 review, we can say that everything in this miter is amazing. It loads with so many features that help you to handle your more significant cutting projects easily. But what we truly like about this miter saw is that it has a big capacity to buy long and extended wood pieces.

Besides that, its powerful motor gives exceptional power to run the blade at 4000rpm speed, making your work easier and enhancing the speed of working. Everything in this miter saw is great, from the clamping mechanism to the taller fences and compact design.

What Don’t We Like About the Dewalt DW717 Miter Saw?

Everything in this miter saw is on the positive side except its dust collecting bag. It could be better enough because there are many other models of miter saw which offer extra spacious dust collecting bags.

Bottom Line

Overall, after the Dewalt DW717 review, we find it worthier to have this miter saw for your workshop. Plenty of power, compact design, and a strong metallic blade will truly be worth your back. The only thing that keeps us holding back is the dust collector bag except this; it is the best model of the miter saw that we reviewed till now.

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