Dewalt DW715 Professional Review


The Dewalt DW715 is discontinued, so we recommend you to try Dewalt DW717 which is a good alternate.

The Dewalt DW715 is a wonderfully durable compound miter saw. The inexpensive electronic compound miter saw has various high-tech features to make woodworking easier, accurate, and efficient. The newest interactive feature is that it has a direct corded power supply instead of the usual belt-driven motor.

This is baffling little that Dewalt DW715 is provided with a direct driven motor of 15 AMP. Moreover, this high-tech motor offers a no-load speed of 4000 rpm to fasten your work, without causing the load to the machine. Furthermore, Dewalt DW715 is very handheld, weighing just 42 pounds. Also, this labor-saving compound miter saw is very compact, has dimensions – length*width*height- 26.1*19.6*17.2.

In addition to all of that, Dewalt provides the offer of a 3-year warranty with 90 days money-back guarantee. Also, the bonus point of a 1-year service contract comes with a Dewalt DW715 compound miter saw.

The Dewalt also furnishes the cam-lock miter that too with the detent override.

Let’s dive into the features and specifications of the ingenious Dewalt DW715 compound miter saw.

Cutting capacity-

The Dewalt DW715 collided with a huge range of cutting capacity. This compound miter saw has a bevel cutting capacity of 45 degrees to the left and 3 degrees to the right. Also, the Miter cutting capacity is 45 degrees for maximum height 4*4 and 45 degrees for a maximum width of 2*6. Moreover, the cross-cutting capacity of Dewalt DW715 is 90 degrees for a maximum height of 4*6 and a maximum width of 2*8. Such a diversity of cutting capacities promotes working intensity, accuracy, and efficiency as well. Moreover, helps to cut a wide range of angles.


The adjustable stainless steel detent plate of Dewalt DW715 enhances the exactitude. As the product has 11 positive stops to intensity the effectiveness and working capacity of the user. Moreover, these 11 positive stops of Dewalt DW715 are also important from a safety point of view. No, need to worry while working with this hi-tech electronic compound miter saw.

Direct driven power source-

The Dewalt DW715 provides a fairly sophisticated direct driven motor. Hence, the source of power is the direct driven motor of 15 amp. The hi-tech motor offers a speed of 4000 rpm which tranquilizes the use of Dewalt DW715 for the user. This modernistic compound miter saw has a voltage of 110-120 V.

Durability –

The Dewalt DW715 is extensively durable and has a long shelf-life. The Dewalt DW715 is made of high colloquiality steel which expands the sheath knife of the product. Moreover, the compound miter saw has the stainless steel miter detent plate, instead of the aluminum one, which makes it even more durable.


The huge range of rotating angles makes the Dewalt DW715 a more accurate device. The bevel angles are 48 degrees to the left and 3 degrees to the right. Moreover, miter angles are 50 degrees to the right and left as well. In addition to that, three hardened steel bevel stops at 0, 33.9, 45 degrees. Furthermore, the additional dust bag to remove excess dirt while woodworking, enhances the accuracy.

What comes in the bag of Dewalt DW715

  • Dewalt DW715 compound miter saw.
  • A 12 inches carbide blade.
  • A blade wrench.
  • A compact dust bag.
  • Set of side handles.

Highlight positive key points of the Dewalt DW715

The amazing Dewalt DW715 comes with detachable fences, which braces 5-¼ inches vertical crown molding, and 6-½ inches of base molding against the fence. Moreover, the Dewalt compound miter saw is very adjustable, as it has a stainless steel detent plate. The stainless steel plate has 11 positive stops to intensify your accuracy.

Furthermore, the Dewalt DW715 has a high range of cutting capacity, it has a cross-cut capacity of up to 2*8 inches. This differential compound miter saw has a toothed carbide blade of 12 inches having a diameter of 12 inches.

Moreover, the Dewalt has a direct driven motor of 15 amp which provides a no-load speed of 4000rpm. Due to its lightweight(42 pounds) and compact structure the product is very portable and can be replaced without much need for manpower.

Moreover, compared to other compound saw miters, the Dewalt DW715 comes with a contract of free service for one year and also 90 days money-back guarantee. One other highlight feature of the Dewalt is that it has a dust bag. The dust bag along with a miter saw is a much-needed feature for clear vision while working.

Hence, this feature intensifies your accuracy while working. Durability is another plus point to grab the Dewalt DW715, as this compound miter saw is made of supreme quality steel.

Moreover, the Dewalt DW715 is provided with the bevel stops at 0, 333.9,45,48 degrees, which provides a versatile setup and excellent accuracy. In addition to that, the Dewalt DW715 has a cam-lock miter, that too with  Dewalt override, which enhances the adjustability of this compound miter saw.

Cons of Dewalt DW715-

The noticeable flaw of Dewalt DW715 is that it does not have straight-line laser light. The inbuilt straight-line laser light feature is highly significant for intensity, quality, accuracy, and efficiency of work as well.

Moreover, the bevel cutting capacity is just 3 degrees to the right. Whereas, its bevel cutting capacity is 45 degrees. Also, some it may create problems in fence casting while cutting the small wood pieces.

Our verdict-

The Dewalt DW715 is a great compound miter saw to grab. The hi-tech miter saw provides huge ranges of cutting capacity and accuracy. Moreover, the feature of the dust bag makes this product more precise.

Furthermore, 11 positive stops of stainless steel detent plate intensify the accuracy and safety as well. Make your decision depending upon your needs and keeping the cons of Dewalt in mind. In addition to all that, the no-load 4000 rpm speed provided by the direct driven motor of 15 amp & 120 V of voltage motor, makes Dewalt DW715 more eye-catching for any carpenter or constructor.

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