Makita LS1019L Professional Review

Smart technology packed in a 10-inch miter saw, Makita LS1019L is the perfect innovation in the miter saw category. It is designed to give tough competition to other miter saws in the 10 and 12-inch category. With improved dust extraction through dual dust collection ports, the miter saw will give a better finish to your wooden pieces.

Besides this, it comes with a new compact rail system with 20 percent larger rails providing higher precision at the time of bevel cutting. What makes it a favorable choice is its working capacity and accuracy that has managed to gain attention for better performance.

Indeed, it has the power to handle all the cutting jobs that a 12-inch miter saw can do. This is the reason that Makita LS1019L is the perfect equipment to be bought for all your wood cutting needs. Another good thing about this miter saw is that it comes with a direct drive motor having a soft start. It is unlike others that come with a belt drive.

In those, the belt stretches after a couple of uses and cannot give an excellent finish to the wood. On the other end, Makita works on a direct drive motor basis that gives more stable cutting speed in handling tougher materials. This is certainly one of the best products for people willing to make excellent masterpieces from wood.

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Features of Makita LS1019L:

Makita LS1019L miter saw is a necessity for handling different forms of wood cutting projects. It is the perfect help to all the carpenters, who are willing to finest finishing in cutting hardwood.


With a 10inch diameter and power-packed capacity, the Makita LS1019L miter saw is perfect to cut different wood materials. It has 0 to 60 degrees miter capacity on the left and right side, which makes it an ideal choice for cutting wood without much difficulty. On the other hand, its bevel capacity of 0 to 48 degrees on the left and right makes it possible to flip the wooden material less times than needed in other miter saws. Besides this, its excellent baseboard capacity has enabled it to give tough competition to 12inch miter saws.


What makes it a perfect option for carpenters is the direct drive motor design with a soft start. Indeed, most of the miter saws in the market operate on belt drives that get stretched with time and need replacement. Its direct-drive motor is powerful enough to give a sound cutting experience. Certainly, you are able to cut tougher materials with much ease too. Another good thing about the design is its rail system that allows the positioning of saw flush to the wall without losing cross-cutting capacity.


Makita LS1019L is a wonderful product in terms of usage as its transparent blade has been good enough to give you clean cuts. Also, it comes with a built-in laser that provides a high level of accuracy. When it comes to the matter of usage, it is a versatile miter saw that works wonders for the carpenters. The product has been manufactured to give a clean-cut and has been easy to use. Moreover, it is quite easy to clean as well, which makes it simpler to manage.

Dust Collection:

It is dust collection quality that makes Makita LS1019L a favorable choice amongst carpenters. The hose diverter has the power to such the dust easily generated from cutting the wood. This makes it easier for you to collect the dust and avoid the mess spread by the leftover material from cutting it. The feature of dust collection has made it a top favorite as you will not have to worry about the leftovers after cutting wood to the desired shape for sure.

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What Comes in the Makita LS1019L?

Makita LS1019L is an excellent machine to cut the wood in various shapes without creating a mess for the dust resulting from cutting the wood. It is one of the best miter saws in the market that has managed to gain attention for its excellent performance. Following are the things available in the box pack of Makita LS1019L:

  • Triangular Rule
  • Dust Bag
  • 60T Micro-Polished Miter Saw Blade
  • Vertical Vise
  • Hex Wrench

What is Good about the Makita LS1019L?

As known, Makita Company is known to manufacture high-quality miter saws that have a reputation in the market. Taking the goodwill to the next level, LS1019L comes with excellent features that make it possible to get the wood cutting tasks. It has been smartly engineered to provide high-end accuracy and simple to execute.

Another good thing about it has an easy one-touch slide lock for much convenience in operating. Indeed. This locking system lends it a firm grip on the wood to do cutting tasks easily. Not to forget that the soft star option of the miter saw enables the motor to start easily and longer gear life.

What is Bad about the Makita LS1019L?

Though, Makita LS1019L has exclusive features and tends to give a tough competition to miter saws in the 12inch category; but, one thing that its blade drags slightly in the long cutting tasks. Now, this can be a trouble, which requires adjustment again to have longer cuts on the wood. Of course, it may be time-consuming without any doubt.

Conclusion: Should You Buy It?

Makita LS1019L is an excellent product for contractors because of its great power, remarkable cutting abilities, and small footprint because of the exclusive rail system Makita Company utilizes.

Moreover, its fantastic dust collection feature will help woodworkers to clear off the mess easily. And certainly, its variety of cutting capacities makes it worthy to be bought because the product is affordable at reasonable rates. So, Makita Ls1019L is the right decision by every woodworker for sure.

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