Milwaukee 6955-20 Professional Review

If you are a woodworker, you are pretty much aware of the Milwaukee 6955-20. From excellent quality to heavy-duty design, this miter saw has everything that continually pulls the professional carpenters’ attention.

This Milwaukee 6955-20 is slightly bigger and has 12 inches long blade. It is amongst the best sliding dual miter saw that behold the digital miter angle. This fantastic feature keeps it apart from other competing models.

From precise measurement to steep and sleek cuts, this allows you to perform every cutting job smoothly and effectively. Although it is not as handy and portable as other smaller saws, yet it’s really hard to argue about its worthiness.

Sturdy construction and a double bevel slider aren’t enough to explain how powerful it is. If you need a new miter saw with a lot of power, then no, look further, go ahead with this. In this article, we pass through every edge, including features, upside, and downside, and showcase why investing in this miter saw will benefit you.

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Let’s take a deep dive into the Milwaukee 6955-20 reviews so that you can decide better whether it works for you or not.

Features of the Milwaukee 6955-20

While reviewing, we competed for this Milwaukee 6955-20 with another best double bevel sliding miter saw and concluded that this model has so many powerful features that make it stand out as the best one.

The foremost thing that pulls our attention is its sturdy and robust construction, which makes it durable. This miter saw is slightly bigger than the other models, so you will assure you that you can handle multiple tasks simultaneously.

This saw miter has so many features to offer you, from steeper cutting power to a digital miter system. Let’s read the features deeply so you can decide in a better way.

Cut Quality

Without any doubt, this saw miter tends to create the most exceptional and quality than any other model. It has a 12-inch-long mounted blade with a sliding arm, so you don’t need to worry about the chopping cuts and injuries.

Besides that, it offers smooth and cut and creeps slowly to offer a wide range angle cut up to 60 degrees. If you want a much steeper and exceptional cut, don’t worry because you can adjust the angle as you desire manually to have a fine angle.

Other than this, it offers you constant power technology that helps to keep cuts smooth and edges fine while trimming hardwood.

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Power Figures

When we review its power figures, then we find it as the stunner of the power. The blades run over a powerful motor of 3.3 hp and 15amp current. Well, that you find in their previous models too.

This power rotates the blade up to 3250 rpm per minute, allowing you to cut the most hardwood smoothly. Undoubtedly, this is powerful enough to cut the soft metal and some plastic material too.

What makes us amazing is within two seconds, this miter raw attains maximum speed and is ready to perform smoothly.


When we reviewed its blade, we didn’t find any exceptional thing; it’s a normal steel blade. But it is 12 inches long and durable enough to stand as the premium one like other brands. However, it would help if you kept in mind that it doesn’t have tungsten carbide tips, which give you more comprehensive life services.

It’s a steel blade that is rust free and easy to maintain, and what makes us impress is it can sharpen easily. Besides that, the accuracy in the cut provided by the blade is truly notable. So, here it also wins your trust.

Easy of Access

Here, Milwaukee made a stand and did well. It has a rubber handle for safe and secure gripping. Additionally, its gas exhaust system did an excellent job of ejaculating the sawdust and keeping your workstation neat and tidy.

Another impressive thing is it has dual lights fitted nicely along with the blade. So, you can easily monitor how the wood is cutting. Meanwhile, its dado stops allow you to quickly switch back and forth in a different direction to have a perfect angle cut.

Also, the double bevel sliding angle allows you to swing the miter saw easily. All these features offer ease of access and pretty functional good as long as it works efficiently.


While reviewing this Milwaukee 6955-20, we give 100 when it comes to durability without any doubt. This is a kind of miter saw that you genuinely want to buy and handle your project easily. Other than this, it is strong, sturdy so you can rest assured that it offers you consistent work for a longer duration.

Along with this, both the fences are at the adequate height, and the best thing is you can even remove the top portion if you want anytime. Other than this, it is highly rustproof, so you can have the guarantee that it remains with you for a longer time.

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What Comes Inside the Box?

Obviously everyone gets excited whenever we think about what we get inside the box. Here we keep your curiosity and let you know what you are going to have in the box.

  • A dust bags
  • Blade wrench
  • Carbide tipped blade
  • Manual card
  • Warranty card
  • A power cords

What is Good About the Milwaukee 6955-20?

After getting the in- depth Milwaukee 6955-20 review, we can say nothing is as awesome as this miter saw. It’s truly flawless and handles your work easily. Besides that, it has a huge dust port that helps collect the dust and keep your workplace tidy and clean.

Along with this, you will get so many features like dual work lights, digital miter angle, and a five-year warranty. So, we can say that you have a value for money product.

What is Bad About the Milwaukee 6955-20?

This is a brand name, so nothing you will get on the downside in this product except it has a short power cord and is a bit more expensive than others. Besides that, it is slightly heavier too.


It is summing up here with positive reviews. This Milwaukee 6955-20 is worthy enough to have for handling your megaprojects. In addition to this, it’s a sliding double bevel saw that is seriously the best for the professional woodworker and even for the amateurs. If you are ready to invest, then it’s a pro deal to have and never to disappoint you.

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