Evolution R255SMS Review

Are you looking for a versatile mitre saw with a lot of features? Then go-ahead with this whole new Evolution R255SMS.

Evolution is another new single bevel multi-material cutting miter saw with the Rage R255SMS. Well, this is going to be an excellent deal for your work. It’s a fairly big saw and also needs some extra space.

The modern look with an orange coloring edge and the black casing will hook you up around. Also, the top sliding mechanism is nice and tidy enough. If you have the garage space, then definitely go for this one.

Also, the protective gear and sliding mechanism help to protect you from damage too. In this article, we’ve covered the best features and other valuable assets that help to decide whether it is perfect for professionals and amateurs.

Before we proceed further to Evolution R255SMS Review, let us take a closer look at the features of this miter saw.

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Features of Evolution R255SMS

While reviewing the Evolution R255SMS, we find that features wise this mitre saw model has a lot of versatility, which is an excellent option. If you need a sliding mitre saw that could help you to tackle multiple tasks with no or least mess, this would be great for you.

From large capacity to fine adjusting blades and modern look, this offers you a lot of things. Let’s read on to see more features which it offers to you.

Varied Cutting Angles

Evolution miter saw offers you single bevel action that gives you a wide range of angles ranging between 0 to 45 degrees. In contrast, this saw’s miter angle can go maximum up to 50 degrees even from both the right and left sides.

And this could be excellent to cut different angles with no hassles when combined with the bevel angles. You can also set the angle with the help of a pre-set lock at 0, 15, 22.5, 30, and 45 degrees for a steeper cut. Also, the laser supplied to the blade helps you to visualize the cut more clearly.

Cutting Capacity

If you are wondering about having a mitre saw with a large cutting capacity, this could be a fair deal for you. The best part of this Evolution R255SMS is that it has a large cutting capacity and features a sliding mechanism. This is excellent for making excellent, steeper, and even wider cuts.

This bevel miter saw allows you to cut up to 300nm width timber wood. This could be enough to cut off even the wood’s toughest edge having the depth of 80mm.

Large Blades

Another best feature of this Evolution R255SMS is that it has a large blade that is highly versatile. In addition to this, the blade also has 28 finest tooth edges, which is made from multi-material. This versatile blade helps cut plastic, aluminum, and wood.

So, whether you are a carpenter or a professional armature, this blade will perform an excellent job for you. It is so versatile that it can pass through the copper material and fit the pipes with high accuracy cutting.

Additionally, you will receive the bore size, which is 25.4 mm, so you can rest assured that you don’t need to buy another blade. Plus, this is big enough to do a lot of jobs for you.


Well, this mitre saw is so well-designed and the lightest. This feature makes it so portable enough to move around frequently and place anywhere. Although it’s portable enough to carry, it  has a large size, so you need some extra space to keep it.

Besides that, it features a built-in carry handle, which further eases down to load it quickly in the car and carry anywhere with you. When it comes to portability, this could be a bang-on for you.

2000-Watt Motor

This mitre saw features a 2000-watt electric motor, which is quite heavy and proven to be plenty of punch for you. With this powerful motor, it allows you to cut the toughest material. This we can say is a step up from the R210 SMS+, which only has the 1500-watt motor. However, one downside is that it runs on the main power supply and requires a constant connection from a plug. You cannot operate it to the sites where you don’t have the power source.

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What Comes in the Box?

When you purchase this Evolution R255SMS, you will get the following things in the box.

  • Double Ended Hex Key
  • 24 Tooth blades with a single sliding mechanism
  • Dust collection bag
  • Warranty cards
  • Allen Wrench
  • Laser lens cap
  • Machine table extension
  • Three pc hold down clamp
  • Socket headed screws

What Is Good About the Evolution R255SMS?

Like other Evolution products, this mitre saw receives a lot of positive feedback from us. From versatility to excellent cutting capacity, this offers so many features that make you amazed and work excellently for you.

Moreover, this model has a lot of safety features that keep you protected while working with this. But what is going to impress you is that it is backed with a three-year warranty. So, get the surety or durability and long life.

Above this, the blade also has a cover that automatically closes as the saw is lifted from the cutting side. So, you will ensure that you are completely protected.

What Is Bad About the Evolution R255SMS?

When we review the Evolution R255SMS, we find nothing on the downside except its large size, which requires extra space to store it. Meanwhile, we can say this product isn’t portable for a small space. Another thing on the downside is, the laser option could be better than this.

Conclusion- Do we recommend it:

To sum it up, after the Evolution R255SMS review, we conclude that this can be an excellent buy for you if you have large storage space. The large saw, wide-tooth blade, safety panels, and maximum cutting angles are perfect for handling your timber work.

This product is competing right now with many more expensive mitres saw and grabbing its place. The fact is this is brilliant for the carpenters, professional construction workers who work with wood and even metal in their spaces.

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