DeWALT DW745 review

About DeWalt DW745:

It is a lightweight tool, so you can easily transport it. It has steel protections against knocks and impacts in the work area.

It has a guide based on a rack and pinion system fixed to the front and back of the table, which ensures that the guide remains parallel to the blade at all times.

Telescopic guide rails provide up to 410mm of cutting capacity in a portable design for cutting large parts. Also noteworthy is its overload protection system to ensure good performance and high power in hard and wet woods.

Specs and Features of DeWALT DW745:

  • 120V (corded)
  • 1.75 HP motor
  • Amps – 15.0
  • Blade Diameter – 10″
  • Depth of cut at 90º – 3-1/8″
  • Depth of cut at 45º – 2-1/4″
  • Max Rip to Right of Blade – 20″
  • Max Rip left of Blade – 12″
  • Support Dato Stacks – No
  • 2.5-inch dust collection port
  • Max Rip cut to the right of blade: 16 inches
  • Max Rip cut to the left of blade: 12 inches
  • Blade speed -3,850 RPM
  • Tool Weight – 45 lbs
  • Warranty: 3-year limited
  • Table dimensions: 22 x 16 inches
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Pros and Cons of DeWALT DW745

Pros of of DeWALT DW745

Lightweight: The machine weighs only 22 kg. For a professional sawtable, that’s not very much. The saw table is therefore fairly easy to transport and therefore easy to transport in, for example, a van or bus.

Compact: It is really small, condensed and it’s light if you have to move your saw around the shop a lot which I do,that is a plus.It’s also really lightweight and it’s extremely powerful.

Dust extraction: You can easily connect a building vacuum cleaner to this saw table. You’ll suffer much less dust and sawdust. That dust and sawdust doesn’t even get into the air, it gets sucked directly from the saw blade into the vacuum cleaner bin/bag.

Powerful Machine: The first time I used this I was really,surprised how much power it had there’s,only been one time where I had a little,bit of trouble I was cutting through a pretty thick piece of oak and other than that it’s it’s been really strong it’s been strong enough to handle anything I’ve put through it thus far.

High power and saw depth: This saw has a power of no less than 1,850 watts. This allows him to make up to 3,800 rpm. In combination with a blade with a diameter of 250mm you can see with this DeWalt at 90° to 77mm deep. Furthermore, you can also see between 48° and 90°, which can be up to 57mm deep.

Great protection: A steel roll cage has been built around the saw that protects the machine from rough handling and conditions at the site. In addition, you are also well protected thanks to the protective cover that is present on top of the saw blade.The overlasting protection guarantees powerful results in hard, wet and even frozen wood.

Dust Port:This saw has the dust port on the back these things can make quite a mess and I have a small dust collection system that I can just plug the hose right in the back of and it makes it a lot nicer.

Precision: The large and clear reading scales make the machine easy to use for all kinds of handymen and this also makes the machine very precise. The easy to operate and very accurate longitudinal guide also helps with that precision.

Pricing:The DeWalt DW745 table saw comes in at a great price.

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Warranty: You will get 3-year limited warranty, 1-year free service contract directly from Dewalt.

There are many more advantages, but these are all advantages that can be found on almost every saw table, for example:

  • Can cut diagonally.
  • Longitudinal guide with rail system.
  • Trimming guide with angle adjustment.
  • Smooth table surface without annoying obstacles.
  • Pushwood included. (to push the last piece through the saw).

Cons of of DeWALT DW745

No undercarriage included: You don’t necessarily have to use this saw table with a frame, but it does work easier in some cases. DeWalt does have rubber ‘legs’ attached under the saw, but a stand is not included as standard.

Small Max rip size: The 20 inch max rip width is small in size. I wish it was few more inches when it comes to ripping a sheet of plywood now I do have a rip cut by Craig which has a 24 inch so I can rip a sheet of plywood in half. So actually if it’s one thing that I would say is the worst thing about the saw. Because of its size, it is not really practical to put in full sheets of plywood through this.By the way, for normal working 20 inches is enough.

Manual not clear? : In the product reviews I come across some complaints that the manual supplied with the saw is not entirely clear. In addition, I come across a complaint that says that more tools are needed to adjust various things.

Fence: It isn’t that rigid.It’s really easy to take on and off but it just seems like it’s not extremely accurate.Although you can adjust it a little bit with an Allen wrench I just feel like it’s not the greatest quality.

Other experiences:

Just heard some experiences, what else is it called?

After 39 reviews, the machine gets 4.6 out of 5 stars.

Furthermore, people write:

  • Not too heavy.
  • Very happy with it.
  • Just tinkering with putting it together.
  • Too bad there is only one saw blade.
  • Good deal done.
  • Easy to understand.
  • Saw perfectly straight.
  • Easy to adjust the height of the saw blade.
  • The machine is recommended by many people. This machine is especially for the real handyman.

Fortunately, there are several reactions under that review that explain exactly how it works.

Testimonial from our user:

It is a high quality saw. I work the wood a lot and you can see the difference in the robustness and cutting precision. The adjustment rack is great, by far the best buy. It’s worth paying more for. 100% recommended.

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Can i install larger discs to DW745?

No, it is not possible.

What is the price of DW745?

The price is around 350$ click the link to know about the accurate price along with great deals.

Does machine comes as in the image and accessories as the parallel guide?

Yes, The product comes as shown the image. DW745 compact table saw, miter calibrator, thrust rod, 10″ 24T carbide blade, blade guard, compact table saw holder DW7451.

What is the difference between DW745 and DW745s?

DeWalt dw745 is one of the most popular table saws online and has received very good reviews from its users. It is a compact and lightweight table saw. You can store it in a small place and move it easily as well. It comes pre-assembled from the box and does not require much assembly. The User’s Manual is very informative and gives you clear instructions. The table saw dust collection system is excellent, and has a neat and clean woodworking experience. The foundation system is smooth, allowing you to perform calibration at your disposal. You can lock it at different angles easily. DeWalt dw745s This model is highly accurate. The performance of the table saw is remarkable and is completely worth your investment. This model comes with a table stand, which gives you a better work experience. You get nervousness and an experience without shaking. It has better torque and RPM speed than the previous model. Under unloaded conditions, you get 3,850 RPM.the 745s appears to have power 1850 and the 745 has power 1400.

What type of Motor is in the DeWalt DW745?

The type of engine is a Johnson 1,700 watts, this is an engine with carbon brushes.
The machine is equipped with a soft start when turning on.


If you are looking for something compact to save space, this DeWalt DW745 is a better choice. Provided extraction capacity is limited. However, if you make a quick or small cut at a construction site and need to move from one location to another, you will not find anything better at this price.

Dewalt DW 745 has an unmatched demolition fence, overall production quality, high performance for various projects, excellent portability and various other excellent functions.

This is very popular in the saw blade market. This is not a perfect tool and has several disadvantages as mentioned in this review.

However, this shortcoming can largely be ignored because this tool will help you get your work done easily and experience little or no fatigue due to its light weight. This is a great tool for the price. The Dewalt DW 745 is a great tool for experienced and professional floor enthusiasts and carpenters. If you are doing a very small and medium project, this tool is for you.

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