Dewalt DW713 Miter Saw Review

Dewalt DW713 review states that this miter saw has been appreciated by every woodcutter for its long-lasting life, working capability, and better warranty. Indeed, it has been manufactured by the Dewalt Company for handling various woodcutting tasks. Its enhanced bevel capacity allows slightly more than a 45-degree bevel, which goes another 3 degrees.

Well, this miter saw is the perfect product for tight spots that requires just slight adjustments or to handle flawed previous cuts on the wood. This is stated to be one of the best miter saws intended to give excellent cuts to a wooden material for making various products.

Dewalt DW713 Miter Saw

Its stainless steel detents existing over the miter adjustments are powerful enough to give quick and accurate cuts; no matter which angle it is diverted too. The fine-tuning of the blades is perfect for better cuts and adjustments.

With its average weight, it is easier to move from one place to another, which is quite unlike other miter saws in the market that are heavier. What makes it a favorable choice for woodworkers is the portability and ideal for most wood-related projects. This 10-inch miter saw comes with a tall fence and machine fence support for giving maximum capacity.

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Dewalt DW713 is the ideal miter saw that can handle a variety of wood cutting tasks. It is an ideal choice for woodworkers, who want perfection at the time of cutting wood.

Accurate Cutting

The regulating fence enables you to slide it towards the left. This lends more fence support with longer boards. Taking accurate cutting into consideration, this miter saw comes as handy to support a longer piece by holding vertically existing against the tall share of the fence. This tends to happen when the miter saw is beveled.

Its 50-degree miter adjustment range is excellent for other angles to be cut, over the typical 45 degrees for door casings and corner molding. It must be noted that 45-degree bevel action tends to cut up to 2 by 6 standard dimensional blocks of woods.

By this, it means that such a miter saw is directed to give more usefulness, more flexibility, and improved performance on any cutting task.

Lightweight and Handy

Designed with a built-in carry handle, the DW713 miter saw is an excellent product to be carried anywhere needed. It has a one and half foot wide table with an excellently functional dust collection unit. Since it is lightweight and handy, this portable miter saw can be carried anywhere; be it a job site, to the shop, and even at home.

Moreover, its working capability is as good as a 12-inch miter saw. But, what keeps it in demand is the flexibility to handle many tasks and be carried away easily.


The Dewalt DW713 has been secured effectively to make it safer for you to utilize properly. It comes with a transparent guard over the blade, which is meant to help in monitoring the functionality of the blade safely as it determines to make cuts as needed by the woodworker.

This decreases the chances that you might come in contact with the blade and get injured. This transparent guard makes it worth using without worrying about anything.

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Dust Collection Ability

Dewalt DW713 has a brilliant dust collecting bag, which can collect all the dust scattered at the time of cutting. This is quite unlikely other miter saws that do not perform well in terms of collecting dust. But, you should be ready to empty the bag as it gets full.

So, woodworkers opt for this miter saw because they do not have to worry about the mess created by the woodcutting task. Also, everyone wants their wood cutting work should not be messy at all. 

What is Included

Being one of the best wood cutting machines in the market, Dewalt DW 713 is the best in the town because of its functional capacity, powerful motor, safer to use, and dust collection that leaves no mess behind. Following are the things that come in the box with the machine:

  • Dust Bag
  • Instruction Manual
  • Miter Saw Machine
  • Miter Saw Blade
  • Hex Wrench

DW713 Miter Saw Review

What We Like

When it comes to the matter of finding good things in Dewalt DW713, its excellent motor, dust collection capacity, and safer to utilize are some of the features that make it worthy to buy. Of course, every woodworker wants that they should not leave any kind of wood remains or mess at the worksite. So, this miter saw has been their favorite.

Besides this, it can give perfect cuts to the wood that makes the work easier and increase work efficiency of the woodworker. As the cuts are supremely accurate, you do not have to work twice on a single piece of wood. Last, but not least, its portability factor makes it effective enough to be carried anywhere without difficulty.

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What We Don’t Like

Though, most of the features and functions are excellent in Dewalt DW713; still, one thing that gathers negative review is that it tends to be noisy and creates a lot of vibration on being operated at a higher RPM.

Certainly, higher noise levels can be quite disturbing at the time of focusing on the work. As the handle is not padded or cushioned, it starts vibrating on reaching a higher RPM level.


Genuinely, this product is a perfect option to buy. But, this is not meant for all. It is an ideal choice for people, who are looking for an affordable miter saw with excellent performance. The dust collection bag enables you to avert the accumulation of dust and leave the work site messy.

With slight good features, it might not impress professionals, who are looking for higher grading products in wood cutting. But, this does not mean that Dewalt DW713 is not worth buying.

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