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Do you need a saw with which you can make curved and irregular cuts? So what you’re looking for is a ribbon saw, you won’t find a better tool than this. Their high performance not only consists of making curved cuts, but they are also ideal for tearing small pieces, cutting thin strips of larger pieces of wood, as well as cutting spikes and some small beans.

In our online store we make it easy for you to search, here you will find the best tape saws of 2021. In order to give you the best advice you have a guide and information necessary to select the tape saw most according to your needs. You can choose from the best brands available and with different functions, powers and depths of cut to give you a wide range of options.

What is a band saw?

It is a cutting tool that can be pedal or electric, has a toothed metal band, narrow, long and flexible.This is a band that slides on two wheels which are in the same vertical plane with a space between them. That is what makes it possible for this machine to carve, create curvilinear material, cut and make any cross section you need.

Generally, they are used in carpentry works and any work that requires an irregular cut. This is possible because it is composed of a swan neck frame. On top of which is a saw blade known as a band.

The parts that compose a band saw are:

  • Band: It is a fundamental piece that makes the cut. It is a blade with teeth on its sides, ensuring that the movement of the saw is carried out in the right way.
  • Engine: As in every machine, this is the one in charge of the movement of the main parts of the saw.
  • Flywheels: They can be vertical or horizontal and are balanced in the same plane on which the saw will make the movement. It is driven by the motor. The secondary flywheel is dragged by the blade of the band saw.
  • Guides: This device is necessary to align the band when it is in operation, so that the band does not suffer any accident.
  • Hydraulic Pumps: This is the part of the saw that supplies the forces to the machine for the correct operation of the presses and the cutting head.
  • Cooling Pumps: In case it gets hot or the machine requires lubricant, there is the cooling pump. It is an area in charge of supplying the coolant.
  • Presses: In order to carry out the cutting of the material it is necessary that the necessary pressure is applied, that is why the presses exist.

Guide to buying a band saw

  • Depth: This is fundamental as it will define the type of material you will be working with. A basic band saw cuts up to 15 cm thick, while a professional or industrial band saw doubles the cutting width to 30 cm or so. It should be noted that the width is considered to be the distance between the band and the nearest vertical element.
  • Speed: These are the meters or feet that the band travels in a minute. A good band saw should have varied speed options. To adapt the necessary cut to the material we want to carve and thus obtain more precise cuts.
  • Flywheels: These make it possible to turn the band, the cutting width cannot be greater than the diameter of the wheels.
  • Table and blade guide: The material of the tables are usually aluminum, steel, iron or sheet metal, this must have slots to improve the removal of sawdust and chips. They should be able to tilt gradually up to 45 to achieve bevels or mitering.
  • Brake: For safety measures, the switches and the start must be secured and automatic, so that the saw stops automatically when the access to the wheels is opened.
  • Saw teeth: These are expressed in inches, and the thicker the piece, the more teeth it has.
  • Cutting capacity: This refers to the amount of material that the saw can cut in a single pass, usually 6 to 36 inches, this is determined by the size of the saw you have.

Types of band saws

  • Band saw for metal cutting: These equipments require a coolant that is supplied constantly on the band saw blade, this in order to keep the saw at low temperature and avoid overheating. This lack of cooling makes the cutting process much slower.
  • Band saw for wood cutting:It is a highly flexible toothed metal sheet, which is cut and welded according to the diameter of the machine’s wheels. The cutting process is a continuous movement on the piece to be cut.
  • Automated Band Saw: These are the saws where the feeding speeds are handled in a pre-set way, such as part clamping and reverse clamping. Some models operate through a computer numerical control that offers more precise cuts, not requiring an exclusive operator to use the machine.

That is why knowing the three types of saws that exist will help you know which is the ideal band saw according to the use you are going to give it and its capacity.

Tips and Precautions before buying a band saw

  • To push or guide the piece in the line with the tape, use wooden pieces that you do not use, never do it with your hand.
  • Do not back up the thick pieces of wood when you are cutting them, this can cause the tape to shift or come off the wheels.
  • Disconnect the machine or move away from it if the tape breaks or comes off the wheels, as sharp metal pieces will scatter throughout the area and can cause damage.
  • Never open the engine flywheel doors while the saw is running.
  • It’s a good idea to replace the saw blades as soon as they wear out or start to become dull.
  • Always wear gloves, whether you are rolling or unrolling the band saw blade.
  • The path of the band should be protected, only the area of the band that will make the cut should be free.
  • Use the appropriate and recommended band for each type of material.
  • Tension is very important, if it is not properly tightened, bad finishes will be obtained, such as deviated cuts and the band will wear out quickly.
  • To achieve the proper tension, use tape sheet tensiometers.

Advantages of buying a band saw at the best price

Buying a band saw is a great investment because they offer greater resistance to tooth breakage and wear. The cutting of a band saw will always be more efficient, this is because it produces the finest chips and they are evacuated quickly from the cutting area, which helps to obtain in less time, faster cuts.

Compared to other models, the life of the band saw is much longer, because it has stronger teeth and highly resistant to breakage.

This strength and durability directly results in a much more economical cut. In addition, the time it takes to make a cut with the precision and finish you will get with a band saw, is relatively in minutes, unlike using other tools that take much longer and never get the same results.

You no longer have to be afraid of making a bad decision about buying a band saw, since you have just learned the most important aspects, in addition to the more commercial models. So get your own band saw now.

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